How to Choose the Best Sleeping Direction?

A night of good sleep will affect you physically as well as mentally.  Without getting a good night’s sleep, your productivity, energy, and even your mood will get affected.  You will feel lethargic and tired. Why can some people not sleep well? One of the reasons can be the direction in which they are sleeping. According to research, the sleeping direction impacts your sleep and eventually your overall health. 

Which Direction Should You Sleep?

How do we know which direction to sleep scientifically? Just as the Earth has magnetic poles, our bodies also have a magnetic compass. The earth’s positive magnetic pole is in the northern direction while the negative pole is in the south. In the same way, our body’s positive pole is towards our head and the negative pole is towards our feet.  If we lie down keeping our heads facing the north, we will point our positive pole to the earth’s positive pole. There will be constant repelling. This will lead to disturbance in sleep and many health issues.

Therefore, it is best to sleep with the head facing the south and the feet towards the north. This helps to promote a night of sound sleep and has a lot of health benefits. In fact, it is beneficial to sleep with your head pointing towards the east or southern direction. The best sleeping direction permits proper blood circulation in the body. We can concentrate better on our everyday tasks, feel less fatigued, have good health, and enjoy a good night of sleep.  

According to science, in the northern hemisphere, the best sleeping direction is the east. If your head is pointed towards the east, it will allow good blood circulation. It is essential that the magnetic fields of the north pole and your head should be neutral, as that will help you to get a more peaceful sleep.

In case someone is living somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere or is planning to visit Australia, or any other country down there, then the best sleeping direction would be to sleep with your head pointing towards the North, East, and West. The reason is the same as above. Any direction except the south is good for sleeping for the people who are living in this part of the world.

According to Vaastu science, the best direction to sleep is with the head pointing to the east or south. You should never sleep with your head pointing towards the north because this causes disturbance in the flow of energy in the body.  That will result in disturbed or no sleep and bad health. 

According to the experts, you should sleep on your back. This position is good for reducing the aches and pains in your body. In this position, the head is in a raised position as compared to the chest resulting in reduced heartburn.  Sleeping in the wrong position can result in heartburn, indigestion, aches, exhaustion, sleep apnea, muscle cramps, and disturbed blood circulation. 


Now you know that if you feel tired even after a supposed good night of sleep then most probably it must be the wrong sleeping direction. It is important to sleep with your head in the either south or east direction. This will help in getting a night of good peaceful sleep. Those living in the Northern Hemisphere should never sleep with their head pointing towards the northern direction as there can be a disturbance in sleep. It is important to choose the best direction to sleep to ensure overall good health and physical and mental well-being.

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