Guide To Common Neurological Conditions, Symptoms & Finding the Ideal Neurologist

The incidence of neurological disorder is rising and there are many patients wanting to get the best treatment for neurological issues in India. Neurology in India is gaining maximum momentum with increasing healthcare specialists and treatment options. Neurological disorders mainly affect the brain and spinal cord.

It also involves the nerves that connect the brain via the spinal cord to various parts of the body and the muscles it supplies.

The most common neurological disorders affecting man are as follows –

Neurological Disorder 1 – Migraine

This is one of the most common neurological disorder affecting men and women of all age groups. It is characterized by the headache of severe intensity that is commonly accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

The patients often complain of sensitivity to sound and light. This can be lasting for a few days and at times it can be troubling the patient for years. Though this is a self-diagnosing condition, it needs medical help by an experienced neurologist.

Take your treatment from the best and experienced neurologists to tackle the problem from the root cause.

Neurological Disorder 2 – Alzheimer’s Disease:

The cases of Alzheimer’s diseases are increasing gradually. It is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the elderly.
The disease progresses very slowly but at times it can take a rapid course. The condition of the patient can worsen drastically with the inability to speak, inability to remember and recollect. The life expectancy also deteriorates along with neurological functions like memory and other mental functions.

This progressive brain disorder is not curable. A medical diagnosis from a reputed neurologist can help in reducing the severity of the disease.

Neurological Disorder 3 – Epilepsy (Fits)

In any Individual, Epilepsy or fits or seizures can be seen. It may arise due to some kind of brain injury, insult to the brain or any space occupying lesion inside the brain.

The patient can experience fainting episodes, tremors of the body, loss of consciousness and confusion. Most of the times, the cause of epilepsy do not establish. Routine diagnostic techniques along with radiological imaging can help in diagnosis.

To give patient relief from further epileptic attacks, neurologist care and treatment is necessary.

Finding the Best Neurologist in India:

A neurologist is a specialist doctor trained in the management and treatment of neurological diseases arising from the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles. Some key points to look for when finding the best neurologist in India:

1. Check the Expertise and Experience

It is always better to consult an experienced neurologist who can diagnose and manage the disease effectively. This can be assessed by
checking the reviews of the particular neurologist you wish to consult.

2. Things to Communicate with the Neurology Doctor

Make sure your neurologist understands your concerns and relates to your needs. By deriving information from the patients the neurologist can come to a conclusion easily and this will help in treating the particular condition easily.

3. Check the Credentials

Background and qualification of the doctor are very much important. This along with his previous work experience will give you an idea about the neurologist.

4. Learn about the Hospital

Before you go to the hospital, learn about the hospital. Make sure they are the best-rated treatment options in the field of neurology. Consult the best neurologist and get the finest treatment for any neurological disorder.

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