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The 18th Birthday Deserves a Blast

The 18th birthday is probably the most important birthday in a person’s life. It is when someone steps towards adulthood. A girl starts becoming a woman and a boy, man. So as parents  you have to make sure that your kids get to celebrate their special days perfectly. If you don’t know how to plan, I’ve got you covered.

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Things to Do First

Okay, so your Child’s 18th birthday has arrived and you’ve got to make it memorable for them. Before you get your eyes on the details, it is important to have a plan which will make your party successful. If you want to book a place for your event  then I would suggest you to start with it. You should definitely book the venue before everything and make sure it’s in a prime location. Like, where I live in Noida, it is pretty easily accessible from any corner of the city. For my daughter’s birthday party, I had to book a venue because the guest list was huge, so I looked up some of the birthday party halls for rent near me. I got plenty of options, and from them, I chose one. Here are some tips like the above that you can follow to make your children’s birthday parties unique. Keep reading below —

  • Only if it’s not a surprise party, then it’s very important to ask the guest of honor what she or he wants for the party.
  • Let her or him decide the theme. Don’t go with your own likings for obvious reasons.
  • Make a guest list that includes almost every single one close to your baby’s heart.
  • Send out the invitations at least 4 to 5 weeks prior to the party with all the details.

These were some of the general procedures that need to be followed. Now, for the fun part —

  • Arrange some fireworks. Let the world know through lights and colors that your kid is turning 18. Also, make sure that the fireworks are legal at the venue.
  • Allow the 18 y/o and his or her friends to get drenched in mocktails. Although, in India, you can’t buy booze before 21, why spoil the fun anyway?
  • Arrange a photo booth. Yes, I know, already sounds super fun! Get your hands on some fun decorations like bowties, hats, paper moustaches, quotes etc. The setup should have a highly decorated background and lights. Don’t forget to hire a photographer.
  • Organise a game show where both the host and the guests can participate.
  • You can turn your event into something way more fun by making it a costume party. The costumes should go with the theme of course. Suppose, your theme is Fantasy, then the guests should dress themselves like something or someone that matches the theme. In this case, an elf or a dragon.
  • Make sure you have a sleepover after the party. Sleepovers are important. It allows you to share your thoughts and feelings about life with your near and dear ones. You can spend the night watching movies, playing games or simply talking.

These are some of the things that you can apply to your parties and make them super fun. See you later. Until then, take care.


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