7 Most useful Smart Home Devices for the Elderly in 2020!

Growing old is among the most realistic parts of life. A person passes through different phases and in life and the most apparent need a person has when they grow old is to get assistance from all the blessings modern technology has bestowed upon mankind. Smart home devices are one such blessing and they can bring a lot of comfort to any person’s life or the entire household for that matter. The overall Smart Home devices are expected to grow to more than 53 billion USD by 2022 which is a significant jump and indicates how the entire world is adapting and striving towards Smart Home environments.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best Smart Home devices suited towards the elderly that can bring a positive change and enhancement to their lives while facilitating them in day-to-day routines. So without further ado, let us begin!

  • Smart Hubs

One of the very first devices that pop into our minds when we talk about smart home environments is the Smart Home Hubs. These Hubs generally acts as the control unit for various other smart home devices within a household and take in voice commands to fulfill the demands of the user. The connected devices can be your front door lock, thermostat controls, light bulbs, and security cameras to name a few. 

These are just the necessary aspects of it. If we consider other modes of comfort, there is so much more that these smart hubs can do. Starting from the ability to play your favorite song, or to play out an audiobook loud, or simply to turn on your Television to setting up an appointment with your doctor and giving you constant reminders; the possibilities are endless. These hubs are a necessary component for the elderly and can help them a lot in their daily routines. A popular entry includes Amazon Echo which can be purchased easily from the Amazon online store. Know that a viable internet connection will be important for the proper integration of a hub with connected devices and their timely responses. We think that Mediacom internet speeds are sufficient enough for smart home devices and an option at par with that should be quite suitable.

  • Smart Pill Dispenser

Medication is often a part of our daily routines especially for the elderly and Smart Pill Dispensers are just the tool that can help with that. These devices allow you to program and load your medicines within so that they can be available to the user at a prescribed time. Not just that, with the help of a smart hub, they can alert you regarding certain conditions like if you are running out of a medication or even read out the side effects if you want it to. Age-related ailments are quite a normal thing and to prevent accidental overdose, they devices even have locking mechanisms.

  • Smart Locks

Although there might be some resistance towards adopting smart locks due to security concerns among the masses, the comfort they offer to the user is indeed undeniable. Elderly in particular can benefit from them a lot since they can be operated over an internet connection. For instance, if an elderly at home needs medical assistance, the lock can be operated to let the concerned caretaker, helper, or the doctor inside for timely support without having to damage the physical premises.

  • Smart Security Cameras

Security Cameras are rapidly becoming a necessity of the modern world due to a wide number of security reasons and they are proving to be exceptionally beneficial when it comes to monitoring children or the elderly. Simply through a mobile application, you can access installed security cameras and its live footage to see what it sees. Not just that, advanced cameras also allow communication between the two parties to effectively handle any contingency. These camera applications can also be accessed by other family members or relatives to ensure increased surveillance and protection. 

  • Smart Light Bulbs

Gone are the days where you frantically have to search for that external light switch in the dark that could prove to be quite dangerous particularly for the elderly. Smart home light bulbs such as Philips Hue can easily be controlled through mobile phones and your smart home hubs. Therefore, you can easily turn on the lights before reaching your premises for comfort or even ask one of your relatives with a connected mobile phone application to do it for you.

  • Smart Thermostats

Controlling the temperature of the environment is quite important especially if you have seniors living on the premises who might face difficulty getting up and doing it themselves every time. Let us also not forget that in case of any fever or irritation, air condition can prove to be quite harmful if kept on through the night. Smart Thermostats allow you to control that from the comfort of your smartphone or through favorite home assistant by giving simple voice commands.

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Hovering over and working from a bent posture can prove quite difficult for people who have any kind of disability or for the elderly since the strain is higher on the body. Cleaning the house or your favorite carpet can be a nuisance, which thankfully can be avoided through this friendly robotic assistance. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners can work entirely on their own, guided by the proximity and layout sensors, and can keep your house spotless. They can be integrated with Smart Hubs like various other smart devices and can be controlled through simple voice commands. Sounds convenient, right? We think so too!

These are among the best smart home devices available in the market right now that can rightly facilitate the seniors in our society and help them live a more comfortable life, to say the least. Even if you don’t have anyone in your family who needs to know about these, don’t forget to spread the word between friends and colleagues because the right effort from us can help a lot in making this society a better place to live in.

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