5 Reasons A Diaper Rash Isn’t Going Away

Baby rashes are a good cause for concern for newbie parents as if the diaper changing process was not challenging enough. Some rashes do go away with carefulness while changing the diapers or using the right diapers. However, some stay for longer periods of time or may reoccur, making parents worry about their kids’ health.

Diaper rashes may happen when the baby’s skin is susceptible, or the quality of the baby diaper you are using is not up to the mark. If you are unsure what’s causing those rashes or why they are not going away, here is a guide on the top five reasons those stubborn spots are lingering on.

  1. Allergies

Allergies may occur when the baby has susceptible skin that attracts dirt and harsh chemicals from the diaper or other materials. Some common causes of skin allergies in babies include soaps, laundry detergents, toxic ingredients or chemicals that may be used in diapers, or baby wipes.

Use natural products that are skin-friendly for your baby. For instance, you can use biodegradable diapers or good-quality natural baby wipes to ensure no harmful substances are causing allergies in your baby’s sensitive regions.

Apart from that, when the baby starts eating solid foods, they may experience diaper rashes since there are sudden changes in the kid’s digestive system. The stubbornness of the rashes depends on the baby’s ability to tolerate these sudden food changes and the frequency of the bowel movements.

  1. Use of Antibiotics

Some babies may need to take antibiotics as per the doctor’s prescription. While antibiotics may kill the dangerous bacteria in your kid’s body, they can also destroy the ‘good’ bacteria, thus causing yeast development.

Additionally, if the mother is on antibiotics while breastfeeding, the baby’s risk of getting diaper rashes increases. Apart from antibiotics or other medication that the mother may be following, the breastfed baby may also develop rashes as a reaction to something that the mother may have eaten.

  1. Harsh Laundry Detergents

Some laundry detergents or fabric softeners are made of harmful ingredients that may be the critical reason for diaper rashes in babies. If you are using reusable cloth diapers, ensure that the detergent you are using to wash them is free of harsh chemicals.

Bring home one of the skin-friendly and eco-friendly laundry detergents that would keep your little champ’s diapers clean and tidy and ensure safe wear. Soak soiled cloth diapers in good-quality soapy water after dumping the poop. Rinse the diapers twice daily using hot water to prevent any bacterial infections.

  1. Irritations

One of the significant causes of skin irritations is a tight or poor-quality baby diaper. Try switching to natural baby diapers, soft cloth diapers, or an eco-friendly nappy if the elastic in the diaper is causing disturbances.

Irritations may also happen when the diaper is left on for too long, mainly when it includes the baby’s poop inside. The baby’s excretions or the diaper itself may repeatedly rub against the sensitive skin of your baby, thus causing irritations and rashes.

  1. Infections

Infections may be caused due to changes in the pH levels of your baby’s skin, such as after peeing in the pants or nappies. As a result, it becomes a good breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi, such as yeast.

Yeast is one of the significant causes of diaper rashes, creating red bumps or dots on the skin. Besides, some diapers often come with substances that prevent air circulation, thus building up a moist and warm environment within the diaper, resulting in bacterial and fungal infections. This is why pediatricians always advise parents to use biodegradable diapers, made of natural plant-based materials such as bamboo.

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Final Words

Parents must take care that they use natural products for their newborn babies to avoid infections or irritations. Apart from using biodegradable diapers, it’s essential to check whether the rashes are due to other reasons like the ones mentioned above. Consult your pediatrician without delay if the rashes get stubborn and are not going away easily.

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