Study and Build your Career in Australia with Student Visa

Australia has repeatedly proven to be a life-changing opportunity for countless International students. Whether you are aspiring for progressive career prospects or higher studies, Australia welcomes all talented individuals wholeheartedly.

But migrating to a foreign country isn’t a simple task. You will have to meet all the eligibility requirements and get the right visa before you can plan your move.

Since the process is complicated and involves a lot of paperwork, it is recommended to opt for the Best Student Visa Services in Adelaide Australia to apply for the migration visa.

If you have plans for higher studies in Australia with the best student visa services in Adelaide, Australia, then meeting the key requirements to apply for the student visa is a mandatory thing. 

The primary eligibility criteria include:

  • For the Academic:
  1. Good Academic Records
  2. Meeting the Required Qualification for the Course
  3. Desired Score in English Language Proficiency test
  4. Minimum Age Requirements
  5. Research or Thesis documentation 
  6. Documental Evidence of complete Work Experience
  • For the Immigration:
  1. A valid Passport
  2. Proper Health Certificate from a designated Medical practitioner
  3. Genuine Temporary Entrant
  4. Financial Requirements
  5. Character Certificate 
  • For Financial Requirements:
  1. Course Fee
  2. Living Expenses
  3. Medical Insurance Coverage (OSHC) 
  4. Visa Application fees
  5. English Test Fees
  6. Medical Check-up fees
  7. Travel fees

How To Step Up In Your Career With The Student Visa Services In Adelaide, Australia?

However, if you looking to start or expand your career related endeaveours, the Australian Government offers a set of skilled migration visa for qualified immigrants. The prime requisites for skilled visas are:

  1. English Competency test cut-off score
  2. Specific Certifications
  3. Relevant work experience in the desired field. 

There are two profession list included in the visa – the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the Consolidated Occupation Skilled List (COSL). The SOL includes professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, architects, chefs, accountants, kindergarden teachers etc.

With proper work experience, English language proficiency and a bachelor or diploma degree in the relation industry, the SOL qualifying candidates can acquire Permanent Visa to stay, work and study in Australia. 

The COSL includes a long list of talents like journalists, marketing and communication experts, restaurant manager, professors, fitness instructors, translators, information technology professionals, social workers, video makers and many more. These employees are sponsored by the State or by their respective employer. 

These skills are highly in demand in Australia and if you have the qualification and experience, attaining a sponsored visa to migrate to the country is quick and easy. 

The Mandatory Documents Required To Attain a Migration Visa With The Best Student Visa Services In Adelaide, Australia:

  • Completed Australian student visa application form
  • 4 Recently taken Passport Sized photographs
  • Paid Visa Application fee Reciept 
  • Certificate of Enrollment or Letter of Offer
  • Documental Evidence of Sufficient Funds
  • Health Insurance Cover Certificate
  • English Language Proficiency Test Result (IELTS, PTE or equivalent test score)
  • Past Criminal Record and Character Certificate from authorized personnel

Once all these documents are collected and scanned to their respective digital copies, you need to log into the ImmiAccount to apply. 

It takes about 4 weeks to process the application and grant you the specific visa. 

Australia is a warehouse of many renowned educational institution and job opportunities. You can build and grow your prospects in the country with a professional student visa from some of the best student visa services in Adelaide, Australia.

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