Why aren’t all cocktails served in the same Containers?

The thing about which one is curious is what containers we put cocktails in, and why we choose those containers for certain drinks. There is some practical function and artistic work for every different kind of glass.

Served Pro cocktails in the same glass is just a quick option but sometimes or even every time more than 95% of people are choosing the glass for their cocktail is just like mmm…  that one. Sometimes they choose a glass can be a little daunting. Is it utilitarian? Is it practical? People who make cocktails really should but frequently don’t think about how someone’s glassware is going to affect the cocktail.

Let’s dive into some of Pro Cocktail culture like the Sazerac traditionally is made in kind of a glass that is right, stackable, double rocks and a kind of all utilitarian purposes. It is like a quarter of an inch of liquid and never have with ice. The curved-mouth glass is just a more appropriate because it funnels smell right to your nose and it’s going to be smelling and sniffing but when you smell something or eat something, it affects the way you taste it. Another one, the most iconic drink, is the Martini, which symbolizes nine ounces of Martinis, the huge Martini glass that you could fit your face into and be like yum. It is more prone to flip out of the glass to spill but no one should drink that much Martini as it is warm. So, next drink in the list is La Sonambula. For better or for worse, people have conversations about everything being masculine and feminine, even the coupe the glass goes in, was theoretically modeled. The nice thing about a coupe is that it is kind of elevated, no liquid is towards the bottom and it brings up very high which makes it little fancier. Next one is a Nick and Nora glass and it’s kind of a famous Hollywood couple and they were popularized in Hollywood. Further, the very simple one is the Boulevardier, traditionally made with equal parts in the glass. It is one of the tough drinks as you’ve got the bitterness, bourbon and sweet vermouth.

So, does a drink taste better in the right glass? You will have to make a cocktail with a glass in mind and there are glasses that make cocktails better. But weirdly it has nothing to do with taste but it has to do with you feeling like am going to have a great time because I feel fancy holding. That is what a glassware does that nothing else can do. That’s all about cocktails, the vessels, they are served in and their relationship with popular Pro Cocktail culture.

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