When is the Right Time for Having a Cataract Surgery?

As per Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 31% of Australians above the age of 55 have become the victim of cataract whereas 70% of Australians above the age of 80 have developed a cataract. Well, it is the clouding of the eye lens and the only way to remove it is surgery. However, the right time to have the surgery depends on the individual patient. The Greensborough eye clinic is the best place to get a consultation from best doctors and get your surgery done.

Cataracts are a natural reaction of the body to the ageing process. When you get diagnosed with the condition, it does not mean you need immediate treatment. During the early stages, you may notice no change in your vision. Also, some of the minor changes can be managed with the help of prescription glasses. But when the condition grows over the period of time, it can impact your routine life and may also lead to vision loss.

The eye specialist Greensborough has developed a list of questions that people should consider for determining if they are ready for the surgery. Here’s a look:

Is your eye condition affecting your daily or occupational activities?

Some of the common symptoms of Alexandrias genesis cataract are blurred or dim vision, yellowed vision, and double vision experienced in the single eye. It can cause a lack of contrast and clarity which can make it difficult for people to work, especially the people who need clear vision such as driving and other activities like sewing, cooking, or reading.

Is your eye condition affecting your ability to drive safely at night?

Your eye condition can make it difficult for you to see clearly in low-light settings and impair your ability at night to drive around safely. In fact, advanced cataracts can make you fail the exam that is required for getting a driver’s license.

Is your eye condition interfering with the outdoor activities you enjoy?

If you are suffering from cataract, it will make you sensitive to glare which can often be an issue for people especially the ones who enjoy activities such as skiing, surfing, and other outdoor activities. They can also suffer from visual differences in both eyes. It can also affect their distance vision which is crucial to the golfers.

Can you manage the eye condition in other ways?

According to eye specialist Greensborough, people who decide to not go with the surgery can make try to make the most from their affected vision with simple techniques such as using bright light or contrast colors in their house. They can make use of magnifying lenses for reading, use the wide-brimmed hat for decreasing the glare and buy polarized sunglasses.

If the cataracts are not disrupting your life, you can wait and have surgery when they really begin to bother you, says specialist from Greensborough eye clinic. But for people who are feeling hindered by their blurred vision, the procedure can make a significant difference. One should go for surgery only when it will help in improving your vision.

Those people who are considering surgery should consult an ophthalmologist to know more about the condition, how they can treat it and ways of treating it.

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