How To Find The Best Place For A CT Scan In Mumbai?

CT Scan

What is a CT Scan? How does it work?

A Computed Tomography (CT) Scan is used by the doctors to see the insides of our body. Let it be our bones, our organs or our tissues, each and everything are visible through a CT Scan. It is more like a detailed version of the X-ray. The scan is painless and can be done of any part of the body in specific. Narrow X-ray beams circles around the body of the person in the machine. The beams are circled multiple times to have a look beneath all the layers of our body. The scan then helps in producing a 2D image of our body parts to help the doctor have a clear look in the affected area.

How are CT Scans done?

You should be getting a CT Scan in a reputed hospital or a radiology clinic as the machine required for the CT Scan is quite costly to be affordable by all doctors. So, before you get a CT Scan, the doctor will preferably advice you not to eat or drink anything for a few hours. You have to be wearing the dress given by the hospital for the scan, without any metallic objects on your body or your clothing. During the test by a radiology technologist, you will be lying on a table and will be taken into a circular, doughnut-like a machine which will proceed the scanning process.You will hear a buzzing voice while the scan, and you are ordered to stay calm and still when the scanning takes place. There is a possibility you have also to hold your breath when asked, but for a very short time. After the test, you will be taken out, and then you can change back to your clothes and eat something and wait for your reports.

What is a CT Scan used for?

Well, the CT Scan has many benefits. The Scanning is helpful to the doctors before they start any surgery or medication as the treatment of any infection or disease require every minor detail about it like the location of the infection and other stuff related to it. Using the CT Scan, the doctors will be able to derive all the required knowledge about the infected part, and before that, they can start the treatment and medication of the patient. Other than the infections, the CT Scans also help in detecting diseases like Cancer in the early stages and also internal bleeding in the organs. This helps the patient and the doctor come to know about the disease, even before it shows any symptoms. This helps the patient cure his disease in the early stages itself.

Any side effects of CT Scan?

Well, the radiations due to the CT Scan may be quite harmful as there are chances it can reduce your lifetime. It is advised to speak to a doctor about the CT Scan & its effects on the body before going for the scan. It is better to keep CT Scan far from children as the children are still growing and getting exposed to radiation at an early age may be quite risky for the children’s growth. Well, the reaction at the same time is mild and may give you a bit of itchiness for some time, but eventually stops in some time.

Best Places for CT Scan-

The big and metropolitan cities in our country have hospitals which have the facility of CT Scan. In the past decade, the availability of CT Scanning in hospitals has increased and has been found in hospitals of small towns and cities too. With so many places having the CT Scan availability, still, in India, it is advised by many doctors to visit a hospital in Mumbai for a CT Scan. CT Scan in Mumbai is said to be very professional and the machines used are very sophisticated, and they have the best quality. CT Scan in Mumbai may be a costly affair, but it’s better than risking life. The procedure is very precise and not very confusing, and the technologist handling the CT Scan are experts in that field and have the full knowledge about it. The CT Scan also comparatively radiates lesser, hence, reducing the chances of any side effects on our body.

How do I approach for a CT Scan?

CT Scan Mumbai is very easy to be found. Nowadays, with internet ruling the world, it is easy to find hospitals with the best CT Scan just in few touches and clicks.You can use apps and online websites to find the best CT Scan in Mumbai, by just typing CT Scan Mumbai in the search bar online. The most trusted website will show you all the details regarding the hospital, with fee structure, timings, address of the hospital, number of appointment vacant for the day and many more. With all of this information, it will be convenient for anyone to book an appointment in the hospital they select to go to. Either you can call up on the given number and book your appointment, or rather you can book an appointment by filling up the online form available. The site also sets a reminder on your mobile regarding the appointment and also prompts you an hour before the appointment so that you reach the hospital on time and without any delay.


So now, healthcare is at your fingertips, and you can also learn more about CT Scans online to clarify all of your queries. If not, you can also consult any reputed doctor to understand about CT Scan and its benefits and effects for your assurance. Don’t risk your life and delay this. If you are feeling uneasy or you have been advised by the doctors to go for a regular checkup, then it is better to have a complete body checkup as an assurance to take the corrective steps in the coming future regarding your health and treatment to prevent any major diseases and infections ahead.

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