What Are Rotary Airlock Valve And What Are Its Uses

The main function of a rotary airlock is to control the smooth transportation of water from one chamber to another without any obstructions. Apart from juts maintain smooth flow it also makes sure that the good air lock condition is maintained. There are varieties of products which are used however it is mainly in the form of powder or a granular form. Rotary Airlock Valve manufacturer In India supply Rotary airlock valves which are used extensively.

In case of dust filtration field it is very important that the filter application is maintained so the dust collection efficiency is able to improve. Airlocks have a variety of function out of which the main function is to regulate the pressure, thus reducing the air is very important to continuously check the condition of the Rotary airlock valves as ,if they are blocked they can cause a lot of damage to the entire manufacturing process.

Mild pressure up to 20psi and temperature up to 400 degree Celsius is regarded as normal and it can be controlled in such weather conditions. If your machine required more pressure intensity then it is advisable to get in touch with engineers who are well versed of the process and are aware of various ways to tackle them.

There are few limitations in case of Rotary valves. Hence it is very important to keep in mind few of the things which are as follows.

  • First and foremost it is important to keep in mind that the Rotary valve does not fall that it is it not very prone to gravity, it must have some holding power so that it can operate well, and however the sad part is just like any other particle it also acts similarly to gravity.
  • Another thing which everybody must be made aware is that Rotary valves leak air when in operation, this may not obstruct or limit the manufacturing process but can poses a problem in case of some of the manufacturing process.
  • Air Rotary does not perform very well in case of faster speed as it may result in lower and unpredictable filling efficiency thus restricting its operation.
  • Air rotor reacts poorly to pressure differential, if the pressure across the Rotor is too much then it may effect adversely to the filling efficiency.
  • Another major limitation is that the performance of the Rotor is affected by the design or the system and can increase or decrease it performance considerably.
  • The valve speed and size can be rather erratic and cannot be predicted as there is no perfect formula between the two as there are many outside factors which helps in defining the performance.

Apart from these limitations, they play a very important role in manufacturing industry. Rotary Airlock Valve exporters deal in manufacturing of Rotary Airlock Valve which are not only used in India but are exported to the western nations as they find it more expensive to manufacture them from their end.

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