Vastu For Better Life and Prosperity

We all deserve happiness in our lives. We want to have it somehow or the other in our lives, and following proper Vastu can contribute a little to your happiness. And the astrologers in Chandigarh can be the ones to contribute to this happiness of yours.

Why is Vastu so important?

According to VastuShastra, everything in the universe has an energy level, and every building or piece of land has an energy vibration linked with it.

Some benefits of Vastuare :

  • Aids in Financial Well-Being
  • Stability in your career
  • Academic Progress
  • Relationship Enhancement
  • Aids in the maintenance of excellent physical and mental health

There’s a lot more than Vastu can help you with.

Tips for financial prosperity:

Many people make Vastu seem extremely intricate and difficult to understand. It is, on the other hand, really straightforward to follow. Here are some easy Vastu suggestions that you may easily implement at home:

  • Keep the main door clean and well-decorated to attract money, as it is the entry to the house’s vitality.
  • Because purple is associated with riches, it would be advantageous to paint the house’s walls purple.A money plant in a purple-colored pot might be used instead of repainting the walls if repainting is too difficult.
  • The money vault or almirah where you keep your cash should be in the house’s south or south-west wall so that it can be accessed from the north.
  • Another approach to attracting wealth is placing a mirror in front of the cash box. It means that your money is doubled!
  • Positive energy flow is represented by water bodies located in the north-eastern corner of your property. A water feature could be added, such as a small fountain, a water garden, or a similar water feature.
  • To prevent financial losses, be sure to repair any leaking faucets, taps, or faulty plumbing.
  • Placing a bird feeder in the northwestern house is another simple Vastu remedy for attracting money.
  • Maintain a free movement of air inside the house, and wind chimes on the doorways provide a greater flow of riches.
  • It is beneficial to place Goddess Laxmi’s image or idol near the entryway for financial success.

Tips for Academic Growth.

  •  Place the desk where you study to the east or north of the room for greater focus.
  • To facilitate the energy flow, leave enough space between the wall and the study table.
  • The study space should not be located beneath the bathroom or the beam.
  • A well-lit lamp on the study table’s southeast corner will energise educational luck.

Tips for Good Health.

  • Sleep with your head facing south.
  • Always keep the centre of the house empty or with extremely little furniture. It ensures that energy can flow freely without being stifled.
  • An imbalance of the fire element in the home causes illness. To counteract this, the optimum spot for a fire element, such as a candle, Diya, or fireplace, is in the house’s Southeast or Northwest direction.
  • Resist placing mirrors opposite the bed since reflecting a resting person causes an energy drain, leading to illness.
  • don’t make your bathroom and kitchen opposite sides of the room; make sure the doors are constantly shut.
  • If someone in the house is sick, leave a candle lit in their room to help them recover.
  • While drinking water, keep your face to the northeast or east for good health.
  • Planting citrus fruit plants at the front entrance invites good health into the house.
  • Place Lord Hanuman’s portrait to the south of the house to maintain good health, as he is the defender of our health.

Tips to Improve family Relation.

  • Place enjoyable family photos at the northeast corner of your home to bring joy into your life.
  • If there is any tension between family members in the house, installing a white sandalwood sculpture in a location where you can see it numerous times while passing by would assist in relieving the tension.
  • A Sandalwood Statue will provide peace to the household’s family members.
  • Keep a tiny branch of the Kadamba tree at residence whenever there is a disagreement among the family’s male members.
  • If there is a disagreement among the family’s female members, avoid wearing red clothing simultaneously, even on the same day.
  • Put up no photographs of violence in your home since they draw negative energy.
  • Install a wind chime with crystals in the bedroom to prevent family disputes and strife.

You can consult the Best astrologer in Chandigarh to know further about the tips to enhance the living standard and be happy in life.

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