Vacation & Trip Guide- Travel Guide of Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a metropolitan and one of the largest cities in Nevada, The United States. The spark of the city is mind-blowing that you can’t resist visiting this place. Las Vegas is also known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” People planning to visit this city for the first time dwell between many questions like, What to do in Las Vegas? What to see in Las Vegas? So we are presenting a complete guide for Las Vegas, which will give you an exclusive insight into Las Vegas.

Best time to visit Las Vegas:

You can see this place any month of the year but the best time is September to November and March to May. Both seasons are good to have a great experience in Las Vegas, and you can get many deals also on accommodation etc., at this peak time. Cheap Flights to Las Vegas are also available.

Where to stay:

Hotels and stay facilities are easily available in Las Vegas. You can book online as per your interest. Some popular accommodations with excellent facilities are MGM Grand, Flamingo, Caesars Palace, Bellagio, The Luxor, and Mandalay Bay. There are many luxury and standard hotels which you can book for your stay.

Top attraction Of Las Vegas:


This place is a popular haunted attraction. Delamar is a fantastic place to explore since it is densely packed with structures. Ghost towns are excellent sites to shoot, and Nevada has many of them because of its rich mining past. The village came into existence during a gold rush in the late 1800s and was abandoned in the early 1900s. Reno is roughly two and a half hours away from Delamar.

International Car Forest of the Last Church

This place has a unique significance. The majority of the 40 vintage vehicles were placed vertically, at angles, into the earth by a special pair of artisans. Others are stacked on top of each other, all of which are covered in graffiti. In the middle of the Nevada desert, the vertical automobiles create a surrealistic automotive Stonehenge. It’s an excellent photographic subject. The location is located near Goldfield, Nevada, roughly three hours north of Las Vegas.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a vast freshwater lake with an almost infinite variety of scenery and situations to shoot. Along the lakeside, there are mountains, woods, and even beaches. It’s all about boating and enjoying the lake in the summer. The vistas from several of the hiking routes around Lake Tahoe are worth seeing. Lake Tahoe is a winter sport photographic heaven in the winter. The view is a stunning and ideal place for a photoshoot. Book your flights to Las Vegas today. 

Red Rock Canyon

Don’t miss a chance to visit these beautiful red rocks. Canyons and massive geologic structures abound in this stunning natural area. You don’t need to take extra stress of reaching there; this region is easily accessible by vehicle, and the best photo opportunities are found along a 13-mile scenic route that runs through the park. Numerous hiking paths and lookouts may be found off this road. 

The Lost City Museum

 The lost city museum is an old city which is ruined now. The museum displays objects that would have been lost due to the construction of the Hoover Dam. Artifacts from these ancient societies and their houses are on display at the Lost City Museum. The antiques, as well as the reconstructed hamlet, are worth photographing. It’s in the town of Overton, just north of Lake Mead, off the 15 highway. The structures of the ruined house seem beautiful, and it has their grace.

The loneliest road in America

The loneliest road in America is a 400-mile length of Route 50 that bisects the state horizontally and is nearly completely straight and desolate. The route features spectacular mountains and geology on either side and is capped with a deep blue sky and fluffy white clouds, making it an excellent location for photography.

Pyramid Lake

This beautiful deep, alpine lake is located approximately an hour north of Reno. The whole terrain is one-of-a-kind since it contains geologic relics of the prehistoric sea that once covered the area. In addition, it derives its name from the massive, distinctive limestone pyramids that protrude through the surface, making it an excellent location for photography. The shape of the pyramid-shaped rock seems so beautiful that it is a great place to enjoy the natural beauty.

Nightlife in Las Vegas:

Lass Vegas seems so attractive at night. Have fun in its luxurious casinos and flashing lights. There are many bars, lounges, casinos where you can enjoy great music and fun. The Neon Boneyard is a trip back in time, preserving some of Vegas’ oldest and most iconic neon signs. As it is the world’s entertainment capital, you have chances to attend unique events, shows, games, and everything you can expect, and many (LAS) Las Vegas flights are also available. 

Other Travel Tips for Las Vegas:

Alcohol is legal in Las Vegas but not in aluminum cans or open glass. Instead, you can drink in a plastic glass with a cap. You should avoid drinking in public openly in Las Vegas; you can be caught by police and asked to dispose of it.

Casinos offer complimentary passes for the room, buffets against gambling, but there are chances to lose the amount so don’t play for positive aids. It is not certain that you will get passes. You can lose the amount also.

Casino’s ATM charges a high fee if you withdraw money from the casino ATM, around $3 to $8.

Make sure that you are using an intersection pedestrian crossing to cross the road. Crossing the road from the middle without following traffic rules is illegal here.  

Check Las Vegas airfares and plan your stay and expenses accordingly to avoid extra hurdles.

Is Las Vegas Safe?

Las Vegas is extremely safe for tourists. Streets are filled with lights in the evening, and all roads are under CCTV surveillance. Tourist safety is on top priority in Las Vegas. People from various parts of the world including India, Spain, Italy come there as tourists. So safety is not a matter of worry at this place. Confirm your travel dates as soon as possible and get exclusive Las Vegas flight deals

These are some travel tips for Las Vegas, which might be very helpful for you. We hope now all your doubts are clear, and you are ready to book your tickets to Las Vegas.

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