10 Effective Ways To Gain More Instagram Followers And Likes In 2021

Instagram started as a mere photo-sharing app in 2010, but now it has evolved to become a whole new deal. Today, for a brand to gain validation as a successful one, it is crucial to have an Instagram presence. 

Not just that, 81% of users say that they use the platform to research products and services, which speaks highly of how impactful and diverse Instagram has become both for users and the brands. 

In that case, having a good amount of audience on Instagram is important for a brand to become successful. Wondering how to make that happen? Well, here are ten effective tips on how to gain more Instagram followers and likes in 2021.

10 Effective Tips To Gain More Instagram Followers And Likes

  1. Post Consistently

One thing you want to make sure of is that you remain in the mind of your audience, and they don’t forget about you. Make sure that you bring consistency with your activities on Instagram, majorly posting engaging content. You must give your followers a reason to keep following you, and that can only happen when you keep posting. 

But that does not mean that you have to flood your Instagram with endless posts. Start by strategically posting content once a day or every second day, this way, you will always be in your followers’ minds.

  1. Embed Instagram Widget On Website

Another way to gain more followers and likes on Instagram is by embedding an Instagram widget on your website. It is a perfect strategy to introduce your Instagram presence to your website visitors who have just started exploring your brand. 

The Instagram widget will give them a better insight into your social media, and if they like the content, they will search for you on Instagram and will follow you to get more updates from your brand. They will also share your content with their friends and family members, which will eventually help you gain more followers.

  1. Make Your Content Authentic With UGC

As we move ahead in time, consumer preferences have started shifting from branded content to something more authentic and reliable. And what can be more authentic than user-generated content? UGC is created by common consumers who share their real-life experiences with a brand or its products. 

UGC brings more transparency to your content. It inspires your potential customers and helps you stand out in the competition. UGC builds trust, and it is created by different people who have different ways to express themselves, which ensures that you always have something unique to present to your followers.

  1. Use The Right Hashtag

Hashtags are the ruler of social media. To have a good social media game, you must have a good hashtag game too. Many users explore new brands or products using hashtags on Instagram, so if you want to be discovered by your potential followers, you must use the right hashtags while creating any posts. 

The hashtags enable easy discovery, and they have proven to help brands gain more followers and like better than any other Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Organize Hashtag Contests

Another powerful use of hashtags is to organize hashtag contests. Hashtag contests with attractive winning prizes are a great way to grab the attention of Instagram users. It is a classic strategy to entice the users and encourage them to follow you on Instagram.

Make sure to use a unique and memorable hashtag and set certain guidelines for the kind of content you want the participants to create using your hashtag. You can also make it a rule that the participants must follow you in order to become eligible for the prize. The hashtag contest will help you gain a great deal of Instagram presence.

  1. Play With Instagram’s Different Content Formats

Instagram has become the main hub for brand growth. It has created a whole new dynamic world for consumers and their favorite brands. Instagram has many in-built options for brands to entertain their followers and reach their target audience. 

Make use of all these content formats like IGTV for long videos, stories to quickly update your audiences, Reels to reach your target audience, and much more. These are many ways to entertain your audience and make sure that you attract more followers.

  1. Post Reels More Regularly

Instagram Reels are a newly introduced feature of Instagram that allows users to post video content for up to 60 seconds. Reels have resulted as a very engaging feature of Instagram that has helped brands reach their target audience.

Reels come with many music options, transitions, filters, GIFs, you name it, and it’s all possible with the Instagram reel. The more reels you post, the better reach you will get. Make sure to post them strategically.

  1. Use Instagram Promotions

Why go anywhere else when Instagram has its in-built promotion feature to create paid promotions. The best part about Instagram’s paid promotion is that it is cost-effective, so even small businesses can use it to reach their target audience.

Another best part about Instagram promotions is that you get moderation features to strategize your promotions. You get to choose the age group of your target audience, the gender, their location, and the keywords or hashtags they focus on the most. These filters make sure that your promotions reach your target audience and bring the perfect ROI.

  1. Create An Aesthetic Feed

Your Instagram page is the first thing your potential followers reach when they want to explore your brand. Here, visuals play a huge role in creating the first impression on your prospects. Make sure that your Instagram feed is aesthetic and visually appealing. 

You can start by following a theme for all your Instagram posts. You can also use apps like Canva to create some amazing graphics. If your potential followers find your feed visually appealing, their chances of following you and sharing it with their friends and followers increase.

  1. Publish Content At The Right Time

Did you know that there are certain time frames when Instagram users are active the most, and there are time frames when they are not active at all? 

If you want to increase your visibility on Instagram and gain more likes and followers, make sure to do your research to check when your target audience is active the most. You can also use websites like Hootsuite to get more advanced Instagram analytics and plan your strategies accordingly.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have reached the end of this blog, one thing is clear, focusing on your target audience’s needs and knowing the kind of content they want to engage with is a great way to attract them. 

So, these were the ten most effective tips for you to gain more Instagram followers and likes. Now, it’s time for you to implement them in your next Instagram marketing strategy to gain ultimate success as a brand.

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