Top 4 Typographical Tips You Should Know Before You Print Custom Flags

Promotional flags or custom flags are one of the most important traditional marketing methods for your business. In the era where most businesses use digital marketing methods to enhance their growth, you can use custom flags to stand apart from the crowd. Unlike digital marketing methods, you can target relevant audiences with custom flags. 

However, if you want to receive positive results from people after they see your custom flags, you need to make sure that the messages on the flag are readable. Even though many businesses choose the right material and design for their custom flags, they often underestimate the importance of correct typography. The correct typography will not only make the messages of custom flags more readable but also boost the aesthetic beauty of the flag. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 4 typographical tips for your custom flag design. 

Use Bold Letters

The title is one of the most important aspects of your custom flags. As titles represent the context of the message, they will play a massive role in enhancing the interest of audiences to read the remaining part of the message. Hence, you need to be careful while printing the message as well as the title of the text. Consider using bold letters for the title to make them eye-catching. 

Enhance Contrast of the Fonts

You might know that using bright and contrasting colors in your custom flags will help you to capture the attention of the audience. But, do you know that enhancing the contrast of the fonts will also give you the same result? Remember that fonts are another important part of your custom flags as they will determine if your flags are readable or not. 

For instance, if you’re using bold and straight fonts for the title, you should use cursive ones for the rest of the messages. You can also use a couple of other combinations for your fonts. However, if you’re using cursive fonts, make sure that the readability is not affected. 

Don’t Neglect Letter Spaces

The uppercase letters are very effective for large titles. It will increase the visibility of the fonts. However, if you want to make your custom flags more prominent as well as attractive, you need to be creative about the letter spaces. As per Kevin Powell, letter spaces are extremely important.

Remember that letter spaces are a very important typographical fact that will help you to stand apart from your competitors. Correct letter spaces will also boost the prominence of your custom flags. One thing you should not forget is that you need large custom flags to effectively use letter spacing. 

Use Multiple Colors in Fonts

Using multiple colors in the fonts will also make your custom flags eye-catching. Many businesses use 2-3 colors for their fonts. For instance, if you have important information in your custom flags, you need to use some other colors so that people can notice the information easily. However, don’t overdo it by using 5-6 different colors for your fonts. Not only then it will put a strain on the eyes but also customers won’t be able to distinguish important information.


These are the top 4 typographical tips you need to keep in mind for your custom flags. Custom flags are very important to generate massive sales for your business. It will also promote the word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Do you have any doubt? Comment below to let us know. 

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