The Perfect Sand Metal Casting: Solidification, Ejection, and Cleaning

Sand metal casting is one of the most interesting things in the factories. Sand metal casting, also known as the sand casting is an industrial process that involves usage of sand as the mold to cast metals. To make a certain thing out of metal and give it a perfect shape, the metal needs to be molten and then it is casted to get the desired shape and size. Sand casting manufacturers undergoes several procedures to create the desired metal objects using the sand casting techniques which you will be learning in the upcoming segments.

The Procedures Involved in Perfect Sand Metal Casting

Sand Casting procedures have groped over 70% of the casting industries and the foundries. The reason of sand metal casting being so much popular is due to the fact that sand metal casting is very cost effective. Below are the procedures of Sand metal castings carried out by the Sand casting industrialist:

  • Solidification: As the name suggest, solidification is the procedure of turning a liquid material into solids. It is already stated that sand metal casting requires metals to be in the molten form to get the perfect shape and size via the mold. The solidification procedure is carried out by the Sand casting manufacturers to prevent defects due to shrinkage. As soon as the molten metal is poured out in to the sand casts, it is let to cool down and solidify while the sand casts develops cohesion and as a result the molten metal takes the exact shape of the casts.
  • Ejection: After the molten metal gets solidified in the sand casts, the solidified metal blocks are broken down by the Sand casting manufacturers. This process is called ejection. The shakeout step is performed using a vibrating machine that shakes the sand and the casting out of the flask.
  • Cleaning: Often sand particles get accumulated in the metal. Therefore, shot blasting is used to remove the sand particles. While the molten metal is set to cool, the metal in the channels gets solidified too which is later trimmed. After the ejection procedure gets completed, the metals are sent to the special cleaning section where not only the excess sand particles are removed, excess materials like the scales, fins and gates are also removed. Sometimes, the Sand casting industrialist undergoes upgradation using welding or other procedures.

These are the basic procedure of how the perfect sand metal casting is made. Many get confused about how only sand makes good mold. The fact is that sand is not solely used. But some filler like the clay (in most of the cases) and other materials are used for proper elasticity of the sand casts and perfect shape of the metal object can be obtained.


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