Tips To Consider Before Planning A Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party is no rocket science, but it surely does require some planning. Because, a perfect party is the end result of the perfect planning. When you wish to organize a birthday party , grab a pen and paper, write down these tips, and plan accordingly. Most importantly, do not miss out on the fun! 

  • Birthday Guest of Honour: The guest of honour should be kept in mind while planning a birthday party. If the birthday party is for a child, ensure that it does not become an adult party. Because if this happens, the purpose is lost. Plan everything keeping in mind the guest of honour, from food to decor to return gifts to games. Another thing to remember about the guest of honour is their behaviour and liking. If the person is outgoing, throw a more loud and extravagant party. But, if the birthday person is more shy and reserved, go for intimate parties.
  • Set A Party Budget: Budget is everything. There is no point breaking your bank. The second important tip is to make your budget. You should know how much you can spend, and then from the total budget, set aside equal proportions for food, decor, venue, return gifts, etc. A minor deviation from the actual budget set is normal. If in case, you are looking for ways to throw a birthday party in budget, go for home party ideas or indulge in DIY birthday activities, etc.
  • Availability of Venue: If the birthday venue is your home, there is nothing to worry about. But, if it is an outdoor venue, you need to make arrangements beforehand. You would be required to make advance bookings with the hotel or banquet hall dealers. Sometimes, your desired venue may not be available for the date you wish to throw a birthday party, in this case, alternatives are important. Also the venue should be chosen as per the theme or guest of honour. If it’s for your wife, a posh restaurant will be apt. For a child, if the birthday theme party is summer fun, an amusement park will be ideal.
  • Consider Your Guest List: What’s a birthday party without your dear and near ones? But, not all can be invited to bless the birthday person. Your budget will dictate the number of guests. If you are willing to spend more, you can afford to have a palatial venue and a long list of guests. However, if you have budget constraints, then an intimate birthday party with a few closed ones to the birthday person would be perfect. Again, if the party is for a child, make sure the guest list comprises his or her friends and colleagues. But, if it’s for an elderly person, go with a mix of relatives and friends.
  • Food and Games: Good food makes a good party! Most of the venues facilitate you with catering service; just decide the menu and they will arrange for you. If it’s a home party, you need to do food preparation on your own. Make food at home or go for ready-made food items. As everything is in accordance with the guest of honour, why not food? Have a mix of food for everyone at the party. A dedicated section of junk food like burgers, pizza, chowmein, and then main course for the adults, etc. Cake is a must. Order cake online in the favourite flavour of the birthday person. If it’s a theme birthday celebration, designer cakes come to your rescue, but otherwise photo cakes, buttercream cakes, etc. would be best. Then, comes the game and fun activities, which should again be decided as per the theme of the birthday party, and guests. 
  • Other Miscellaneous Things: These were the important tips that you should take into well-consideration before throwing a birthday party. Other things to plan before hand are, hiring a photographer for capturing sweet memories, hiring decorators, searching for appropriate return-gifts, looking for invitation ideas, etc. You would also need to make arrangements for electricity backup, and many more minor arrangements so that your birthday party is successful.

As said earlier, while paying attention to all these factors, do not miss on the fun side. Make the birthday party a fun day to experience. Have lots of fun, food, and cake because it’s someone’s birthday!! 

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