Things to bear in mind about the Transactional SMS


These days when everything is marketed via SMS we often want to get rid of unwanted promotional messages. The answer to this is transactional messages. Given the fact that we only want to stop receiving promotional messages and not important ones like out train status or bank balance, transactional message is our answer. This service helps an individual to receive only important messages and saves him from the irritation that is caused by promotional messages. The best thing about transactional messages is that they are never promotional. These messages are sent to the consumer in order to give them the necessary information that they need to know regarding the services they have undertaken. One of the major benefits of best transactional SMS provider India is that the service allows people to receive important messages even when they have subscribed the do not disturb service.

Transactional and Promotional Messages

One of the main differences between transactional and promotional messages is that the later is used to promote various kinds of products and once the user avails the do not disturb service such messages are not delivered to the individuals. However, the case is not same with transactional messages as they do not promote anything. Transactional messages generally include information like bank balance or the news of the shipping of an ordered product or the status of a train. Given the fact that these messages are important, they do not come under the do not disturb rule and are delivered to individuals even when they have activated that service.

Having transactional message service is quite beneficial as it makes delivering important SMS to people easier. These messages provide 100% guarantee of being sent immediately. These messages can also be sent from anywhere and at anytime. Time or place does not work as a constraint to the sending of these messages. Moreover, the transactional message services give the option of push delivery report as well.

If you are thinking of getting a transactional SMS service, then you should know the transactional SMS price India. The other requirements of getting transactional message services are that you should have a high ratio of delivery. There should be real time delivery reports of messages.

Why OTP Verification Messages?

The types of messages one can receive through transactional message services include educational messages, e-commerce information, financial information that is confidential, information of book, verification of OTP etc. Educational messages include information regarding classes and fees that are to be delivered to parents and students. By e-commerce messages, a customer gets notified about the shipping details of his/her ordered products and gets notified about the tentative delivery date. Financial information means the client receives information about his bank statement and cash transactions. Booking information related messages deliver booking details like hotel booking or train booking to the clients. OTP verification messages are sent by various companies to verify the mobile number of the user.

So, transactional SMS services have a number of benefits that will make your life easier. Wait no more and take the benefits of these services today!

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