The Importance of Stainless-Steel Custom Fasteners in Outdoor Projects

Custom fasteners are necessary when you want your project to be perfect. Stainless steel is the most popular material for fasteners since it has high strength and longevity.

Stainless steel is water-resistant and rust-proof. You can use stainless steel screws and nails for your outdoor projects without hesitation. Here is where using stainless steel screws, bolts and fasteners make complete sense –

  1. Parts that receive constant heat, cold, moisture, and saltwater.
  2. Components that remain exposed to saltwater and corrosive chemicals.
  • Parts that experience significant pressure, stress, and wear-and-tear.
  1. Components of sanitary equipment.
  2. Components that require high strength and s

What kind of fasteners should you get for your project?

Stainless steel has three primary grades – duplex, martensitic, and austenitic. Martensitic stainless-steel fasteners are among the strongest in the world. They are ideal for exterior and interior uses, depending on the nature of construction. For example, fastener stainless steel martensitic is perfect for sanitary applications because they are easy-too-clean.

Another advantage of choosing between the three primary grades of stainless-steel bolts, nuts, screws, and studs is that you can easily machine them. It makes the completion of larger projects much faster. Their corrosion-resistant nature ensures that the project progresses smoothly, and the expenses of the required products remain bound by the excellent quality of the fasteners.

Why should you invest in stainless steel fasteners only?

Investing in stainless steel fasteners might seem like an unwarranted expense in the first-leg of your project. However, it is a necessary investment that will aid in cost-cutting in the long-run. Since they show long-term performance in coastal and marine environments too, you will hardly have to worry about replacing any of the threaded rods, washers, deck screws, u-bolts, carriage cap nuts, rivets, turnbuckles, hose clamps, and pins.

How can you save on the cost of fasteners during your project?

Ordering stainless steel nuts, bolt, screws, and nails in bulk before the project even can save you a considerable amount. Any renowned manufacturer should produce all grades of stainless-steel fasteners at varying prices. Some manufacturers can also mass-produce fasteners with non-standard configurations if you order with enough time before the designated delivery.

Why are duplex grade stainless steel fasteners less common?

Property owners prefer stainless steel fasteners in the duplex and martensitic grade stainless steel. Duplex steel fasteners are heavier than stronger than the martensitic grade ones. They are also costlier and easier to machine than martensitic nuts, bolts, and nails. However, due to the higher expenses, duplex grade fasteners are more popular for heftier industrial projects that demand higher safety compliance.

Can you choose between magnetic and non-magnetic stainless-steel fasteners?

Did you know? Your fastener stainless-steel martensitic does not have to be magnetic. Many renowned manufacturers use the ideal balance of metals in alloys that makes them completely non-magnetic. Read the manufacturer and seller description of the fasteners carefully to check if the ones you are ordering have magnetic properties. You can find both types of fasteners in the market, but be careful about the type you select since your project’s quality and safety will depend upon the property of the fasteners.

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