The Difference between Steam Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Curtain cleaning is an important task every homeowner should schedule on a priority basis. When it comes to cleaning carpets and curtains in your precious home, not too many homeowners know the difference between dry cleaning and steam cleaning of their upholstery items. If you have been thinking or planning about getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned by couch cleaning Sydney experts, and are confused about what cleaning method you should choose to bring the best results, you have come to the right post. 

We are going to show you in this article whether steam cleaning or dry cleaning is good for your upholstery items and carpets. To put it in simple words, both methods are viable and proven to provide good results for homeowners. You can achieve spectacular results by using the right amount of water used in the steam cleaning process. However, the dry cleaning process, as the name suggests, eliminates the need for using water for cleaning. 

The quality and safety of cleaning upholstery depend mostly on the ability of the technician who is hired as an upholstery steam cleaning expert to provide you the desired services. So, let us dive deeper into this problem and get more insights regarding the pros and cons of dry cleaning and steam cleaning when you hire a sofa cleaning Sydney Company to meet your needs. Let’s go.

Dry Cleaning Process 

The Pros and Cons 

When you apply dry cleaning on carpet and curtains, it helps to remove the dry soil or dirt over these items conveniently. Using dry cleaners is an industrially recognized procedure that allows curtain cleaning Sydney experts to clean everything with ease without using water or steam procedures.  Another benefit of using dry cleaning process for your curtain or carpet or sofa is that it breaks down the oily residue on the fibers of your upholstery. Oil is something you need to avoid because of its ability to stick dirt to fibers. Therefore, when curtain cleaning professionals in Sydney remove oil, they also remove soiling from your precious upholstery. 

In this process, cotton swabs are also utilized by using the conditioning rinse. These are placed under a rotator machine that spins the pads around and releases the dirt from the carpets. The pads are changed as needed during the cleaning process. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning

The process of steam cleaning is gaining popularity in the world as it is also known as the hot water extraction cleaning method. This process includes including hot water into the carpet with high pressure. In the next step, all the water is extracted out that helps to extract the dirt stuck in your carpet. An effective steam cleaning process for your upholstery or carpets must work wonders to remove stains and dirt marks. It also breaks down the surface tension in your carpets and curtains. After one hour, you can walk on your carpet again as the process become smooth and convenient. 

However, when you go for carpet steam cleaning, the professionals can also provide you the great results by suiting cleaning pre-sprays. However, this process can make your carpet extremely wet compared to dry cleaning that does not involve any water. It can however take up to 30 hours to use your carpet normally after this process. 

Carpet dry cleaning 

Carpet dry cleaning always involves using pre-vacuumed equipment and techniques and solutions to break down oily residue. It targets more stains than other processes and can also restore the chemical balance of your carpets. You can walk on the carpet within one hour again. This is the biggest advantage of dry cleaning process. 

The qualified steam cleaning Sydney professionals can give you exceptional results if the process is completed vigilantly. The effective treatment allows for the removal of oily stains from your curtains, upholstery items, and carpets instantly to use them as brand new. The steam cleaning process can leave your upholstery or carpets wet for a few hours or days, but it is worth it. 

Dual Cleaning Method for Stain and Dirt Removal 

We saw above that dry cleaning and steam cleaning both have their pros and cons. As a conscious homeowner, you can also consider using a combination of methods, steam cleaning, and dry cleaning, as a dual cleaning method. This type of treatment is an excellent solution for very dirty curtains and carpets which have not been cleaned for ages. 

The benefit of using the dual method is that it helps homeowners to get superior results in terms of dirt, oil, and grime removal. However, the dual cleaning process can become a little bit expensive compared to the standard cleaning procedure of dry cleaning or steam cleaning. But, in the end, all is worth paying for to get the best shine ever on your carpets and curtains. 

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