Smart Tips For A Smooth Office Relocation

Moving an entire office can be a daunting experience if not planned properly in advance. You need to take care of numerous components whether you are shifting the city, scaling up, or downsizing. Today we are going to discuss some effective tips for office relocation which can streamline the entire process to a great extent.

  • Planning In Advance

Planning can yield positive results in the office relocation process. Ideally, you need to start planning a half year before and consider the area of your present office for aligning the same with the space of your new location. This step is essential in determining whether you can take all your current essentials to the new location. If you have plans of adding new furniture and equipment, then it is imperative to consider whether the same shall fit into your new office space. 

  • Detailed Cleaning

We all have a tendency of storing redundant objects and this also holds in an office setup. As a result, it is mandatory to conduct a thorough cleaning before shifting so that you can dispose of stuff that won’t fit into your new setup or might not be needed anymore. Doing this can bring in massive savings as you won’t have to pay for the relocation of unnecessary objects to your new office. 

  • Order New Essentials

Often, we wish to decorate our new office with new furniture, equipment, and the likes. It is imperative to order the same in advance and schedule the delivery date in such a manner that it correlates with the time when you are planning to relocate. It is also necessary to take care of the delivery schedule and follow the appropriate installation instructions. While taking care of all these, you will also have to ensure that your new contact details have been properly updated so that the orders are sent to your new address. 

  • Dealing With The Human Capital

Employees should be sent notices of the proposed move in advance. It is not unnatural for a few employees to be unwilling to move to the new location. You can get your human resource team involved and discuss the different assistance the employees can expect at the new address. The employees need to be informed of the new building rules, revised address and phone numbers, and similar details. New employees might also be hired at the new location and you should initiate the hiring process in advance so that the workflow doesn’t get hampered.

  • Discuss Various Details With Your IT Team

Moving to a new address means getting new landline phones, internet connections, and similar infrastructure in place. Herein lies the importance of getting your IT team on onboard to take care of all the technical aspects. 

  • Accessibility

If you are planning on shifting the office to a higher floor, then you should enquire about the restrictions on lift usage. At times lifts are not available in the new building. In such cases, you can discuss the probabilities with the commercial movers you have appointed. Different measurement issues need to be explored in advance for preventing last-minute blues. 

  • Data Protection

Important files and hardware often get corrupted or misappropriated during the relocation drive. You can keep your organizational data buffered against such loss by backing up all files in advance. 

While the above-mentioned tips can bring down the level of stress associated with office relocation, it is best to hire commercial relocation services from professionals. The Removalists Melbourne can remove the pain from the entire process by handling the job from an end-to-end basis. They are specially trained for handling sophisticated equipment during the delivery process to keep chances of damages at bay. 

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