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5 Perks of Using Class 2 Digital Signature for Startup Business

class 2 digital signature services

To understand the class 2digital signature price, we must verify what a digital signature is. A digital signature can be described as a mathematical scheme to verify the authenticity of digital documents or messages. 

With all the pre-requisites satisfied, any valid digital signature gives the recipient an overall strong reason for believing that the message was in creation by an identified sender. The overall message did not go through any alteration while it was in transition.

Types of Digital Signature

There are mainly four types of digital signature –

  • Class 1- It is used mainly for the identification of credentials of particularly some persons. Moreover, it cannot be utilized for authentication and is not used to sign any documents.
  • Class 2– In this type of digital signature, identifying the person who signs basically goes through verification against a pre-verified and trusted database. This digital signature is mainly used for purposes like filing the tax returns, returns of ministry, provident fund claims, and such. The class 2 digital signature price is also quite low.
  • Class 3– This is the uppermost level of the digital signature. In this case, the person has to be present physically in front of the Registration Authority for proving his/her documents. This is usually used for booking tickets online, e-procurement, e-tenders, and such.

The Perks of Using the Class 2 Digital Signature

  • Simple and Intuitive

The most benefit of this digital signature class is its simplicity in usage. Once the person who signs it has acquired their signatures, it actually becomes quite simple to apply to any document and send it securely. 

The recipient signs the document, and that completes the process. It is that simple and can be easily done from the comfort of the office. The class 2 digital signature price varies on the basis it is used for.

  • High-Security Level

In the current era, e-commerce is the new norm. Most people opt to share their documents with the help of electronic mediums in contrast to traditional documents. These signatures can become essential in certain scenarios. These have the sender’s signature and the traceable information on the document about the identity of the signed document and the place.

  • Convenience: 

Most businesses do operate in disparate locations. Even small businesses have to deal with customers, suppliers, and partners who may be located in a different city or state and maybe even countries. Class 2 digital signatures facilitate authentication of documents online, making a much more convenient solution than other scanned or paper-based versions.

  • Quick Turnaround: 

Another huge convenience of using Class 2 digital signatures is that it implies a faster turnaround time. Instead of using many people who will handle signing, scanning, printing, etc. these signatures can authenticate all these documents with the click of a single button.

  • Lower Cost: 

Class 2 digital signatures are a highly cost-effective option compared to the rest. It can save a lot of time and resources, including reducing the use of papers. This adds up to the advantage of the business. This is including the basic class 2 digital signature price.

These signatures are essentially standard elements when it comes to cryptographic protocol suites. They are in most common terms used mainly for financial transactions, distribution of software, contract management software, and those cases where it is essential to restrain tampering and forgery.

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