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Fiber siding cement is very strong and after installation, maintenance is not required. People can repaint it so that a new look can be given to the siding. Everything has a life and this is also the case with the siding. Although it is very durable sometimes it requires to repair and maintenance. 

Replacement can also be done if damages cannot be repaired. It is better to hire a siding repair contractor who will be able to do the repair work. Let us see the types of damages done to the fibers and the ways of repairing them.

Installation of a Fiber Cement Siding

The contractor has to check how the siding has been installed. In most cases, the siding is installed in reverse order. Nailing is required to fix a siding. The nailed portion has to be hidden and this is done by installing another siding over the nailed area.

Siding Repair Contractor

The damaged board should be removed through this process

It has been mentioned that the board is installed by using nails. If a board has to be removed, the nails have to be pulled out. A pry bar can be used to pull out the nails and remove the siding. A wooden shim will help remove the nails from the damaged piece without disturbing the good ones.

Replacing the damaged board with a new one

There are chances when the sidings are constantly in contact with water. This damages the sidings and they need to be replaced. If the replacement has to be done, then the contractor should use the bottom-up method. 

It means that he has to start removing the bottom sidings first. Before replacing the sidings, the Siding Repair Contractor has to check where is the water leakage which is causing damage to the sidings

Repairing the holes in the sidings

Holes can also occur in the cement fibers and they have to be repaired so that they cannot be damaged further. There is no need to remove the sidings having holes. In order to repair the hole, special putty should be used. 

There is no need to search for such a putty as it will be available in the repair kit. Apply the putty on the holes in such a way that it matches with the contours of the siding. 

After the putty becomes dry, sand should be applied around the hole. After applying the putty and sand, the siding becomes string again and neither water nor insects will be able to enter the sidings.

Repairing a siding that has become loose

A siding can become loose with time. The main cause of this looseness is that the sidings are not installed properly. There are chances that a siding may not have been nailed properly which results in its loosening. The siding can be tightened again by nailing it properly.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the damages that can occur in fiber cement siding. The holes can be patched up through putty and lose sidings can be tightened by nailing them properly. Damaged sidings have to be replaced with new ones to increase the life of the other sidings.

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