Plan to Visit the City of Prague with United Airlines

Prague is believed to be one of the most stunning cities in the world since the Middle Ages. This beautiful city stands proud as the capital of Czech Republic and is situated alongside the Vltava river. Adjectives such as “the crown of the world”, “city of a hundred spires”, “golden” were accredited to the city of Prague, which is located right in the heart of Europe. It is the biggest historic city centre on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the world, considered as a lively cultural metropolis. Make your reservations with United Airlines Reservations to get thrilling offers and visit this gorgeous city that will never fail to astonish the travellers!

Prague Castle

The biggest castle complex in the world, this huge fortress needs substantial time to tour, but it’s time well spent, as it is particularly satisfying to see the brilliant views over the Vltava River with the old town and its many gorgeous spires in the background. Be sure to also devote time to the Royal Garden, home to a number of splendid old buildings, including the Lion’s Court, the Royal Summer House with its Singing Fountain and the Ball Game Pavilion. Listen to the Loreto´s bells while walking down to the Castle and visiting highlights such as the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Royal Palace and last but not least the scenic Golden Lane with its tiny houses. The view is never dull and shifts during the seasons; summer brings extended dusks, in spring trees are in bloom, winter covers the whole city with pure white and in autumn, there are colourful leaves and a distinct light.

Charles Bridge

The Royal Way takes you further down to the city, straight to the Charles Bridge, constructed in the 14th century; it’s full with the flamboyant performances of street artists during the daytime and incredibly romantic and tranquil at night. Other attractions include the Lesser Town and its slender streets, John Lennon´s wall, the Kampa Island and the well-known Bambino di Praga, prevalently known as, the Little Jesus of Prague.

The Clementinum and the National Library

The Clementinum is one of the biggest collections of historical buildings in Europe and also consists of the National Library of the Czech Republic. These gorgeous Baroque buildings were initially part of a Jesuit College, and later came to store the Jesuit book collection, as well as the collection from the Karolinum. With a collection of almost six million books, Clementinum’s collection is vast and includes copies of every book printed in the Czech Republic. A highlight is the superb Baroque Library Hall with its gorgeous ceiling artwork, the 68-meter-tall Astronomical Tower with its remarkable views over Prague, and the marvellous Mirror Chapel with its gorgeous décor. Visit  United Airlines Official Site to know more about their great deals on flights to Prague.

The National Museum

Considered as the oldest museum in the Czech Republic, it was instituted in the early 1800s before shifting to its current location in 1891.

After finishing renovation that took almost seven years, the National Museum in Prague covers a number of locations and houses as well as several significant collections demonstrating a variety of fields, with millions of items involving zoology, archaeology, mineralogy and anthropology as well as music and arts. An especially pleasing highlight is the archaeology exhibit with its wide-ranging collection of 1st-and 2nd-century Roman artifacts, along with many Bronze and Early Iron age finds.

The Old Town Square

Known as the historical centre of Prague, the Old Town is where travellers can find the marvellous Old Town Square, one of the finest places to start discovering the city.

A highlight is the Old Town Hall, home to the delightful early 15th-century Astronomical Clock. Each hour, it jumps to life as the 12 Apostles and other figures emerge and parade in a sequence across the clock face. Other Old Town Hall highlights include the Gothic doorway, which leads to its glorious interior with its art exhibits and displays, an old prison, and a chapel built in 1381.

Prague Zoo

Built in 1931, the wonderful Prague Zoo, is not only the best tourist attraction in the city, it also ranks among the best zoological parks in the world.

Apart from the zoo housing more than 4,200 animals representing about 650 species—as well as many believed to be close to extinction—the zoo is famous for its role in protecting the native and endangered Przewalski’s horse. Other highlights consist of the superb salamander display, a huge giraffe exhibit, a chance to ride a chairlift with great views of many of the animal enclosures and the humid interior tropical jungle.

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