Here’s what To Do To Get Relief from Ingrown Toenail

Did you know that toenails and hair are made of the same substance which is called Keratin protein? If your answer is yes, then congratulations, you have passed the first test and you can continue reading this article. So, when you take so much care for your hair and style it regularly, why not care for the nails as well? Today, there are so many treatment procedures, popularly known as manicure and pedicure which includes taking care of your finger as well as toenails. Suppose that you are looking out for remedies to get relief from toenails specifically in Houston, then what should you do? Where should you go? Well, the answer will be that you should always go to a Podiatrist. The remedies that Podiatrist ingrown toenail Houston provides specifically circles around the fungal growth on nails which can embarrass you in front of your peers.

Toenail fungus is one of the most common issues for getting toenail ingrown relief Houston has its best medical practitioners and podiatrists who can serve you well. But before you go and visit a podiatrist immediately, here are some facts that you should understand about toenail fungus.

What is toenail fungus and how it is formed?

Toenail fungus is a medical condition where the nails at the feet turn yellowish and a small growth of a layer is witnessed beneath the tip of the toenail. This condition initiates with discoloration of toenails and deposit of a thick layer on the nails. This condition not only deteriorates the quality of nails but also leads to smelly feet which can cause embarrassment in public as well as private. Thick and ragged nails are also the signs of this medical condition. While many people prefer to keep this to themselves, it is very important that if you are suffering from a similar type of condition, consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. Else, it may lead to serious conditions that hamper health.

Formation of toenail fungus is quite common and can happen to anybody. Unlike some of the genetically derived conditions, toenail fungus is quite common for people who wear socks and shoes with little or no ventilation and their feet sweat much. This creates a humid and damp environment for the bacteria to breed and grow. Mostly, public showers, gymnasiums, sports sauna, and swimming pools are the breeding arena for fungi, but this condition can be evicted with proper treatment and natural remedies.

Natural treatment of toenail ingrown relief Houston

The most common remedy is to wear open shoes like cobbled and slippers to avoid dampening on the environment near the feet. But it is not possible for working people to go to the office wearing those and it is not decent. Therefore, it is recommended to search for well-ventilated shoes and wear cotton socks. If your feet sweat too much, then you can follow the hot-water routine. In hot water routine as per Podiatrist ingrown toenail Houston recommendation, you need to immerse your feet in lukewarm water for up to 15 minutes and scrub the dirt off from the sides of the nails thoroughly.

Moreover, also leave your socks open in an airy environment to dry it up if you plan to wear it the next day as well. In this way, you are killing the bacteria present in your feet to grow and protect your feet from discolored, ragged, and yellowish toenails and the extreme pain you may have to suffer in the due course of time.

Examining toenail fungus

Examination of toenail fungus is very important to determine the course of treatment in the future. This is done by every podiatrist in the town and it is quite an easy process. In the process, the examiner will scrape your nails a little and check for deposits or debris. If found, the debris is sent to the lab for further qualification on whether it is a fungal growth or not. Based on the test results, a podiatrist may recommend anti-fungal creams for usage and medicated nail ointments. In a very rare case, the podiatrist may opt for laser treatment to eradicate the fungus from your toenail.

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