How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Tickets?

Have you written the wrong spelling of your name on the spirit airline ticket? Are you worried about your journey? In that case, don’t panic because the airline offers the solution to these problems if you have spelled the wrong spelling of your name. But, oh! You do not know how to change the name on the flight tickets.

Don’t be fret, and we will solve all your query by guiding you through the following content. So, let’s continue to read the content.

Is it Possible to Change your Name on a Spirit Flight Ticket?

Yes, any spirit airline traveler can change the name mentioned in their airline ticket. It is not a challenging process; you have to put all the information correct in the given boxes.

To change the name in Spirit Airlines Ticket Booking travelers have to follow some rule regulations to correct the mistake. Let’s see-

  • By using spirit Airlines name change guidelines, you can change the name of your spelling in the airline ticket.
  • You can cancel the tickets within 24 hours from the flight take off. And can rebook tickets for the next flight by changing name, date and destination. In this case, you will get a full refund and you do not have to bear any additional charges.
  • Remember some ticket bookings like the basic economy or not changeable. So, in this case, if you want to change your name, make immediate contact before departure to a live person; they assist you and give you a proper solution.
  • Spirit Airlines Reservations with minor errors like a misspelled name, legal name change you have to mention all the details of the travelers carefully. And have to submit supporting documents like- Court order.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Legal documents related to change documents.
  • If you cannot understand the name change policy of the spirit airline, you can contact customer care number-1-855-728-3555 and chat with them.

 Guidelines to change the name in Spirit Airlines Ticket Booking-

Yes, you can easily change your name with your Spirit Airlines Manage Booking, but in a few cases, the airline charges fees. Follow the process-

  • To change the name on your spirit airline ticket, visit the website.
  • On the website’s official page, click on the manage my travel and enter all your details whatever the website asks.
  • Now your booking will show on the screen; click on the edit option.
  • So, using this edit option, you can change your name and press the confirm button.
  • Your updated name will show on your booking status.

Moreover, in most situations, you will not face any problem changing your name if you have a minor error in the spelling of your name. When you see you have spelled wrong spelling in your flight ticket, contact within 24-hour of booking and cancel the ticket.

It is an easy way to cancel a ticket, and you can rebook again on the same fare; there is no need to pay any extra cancellation charges.

The airline charges fees on changing flights that are dependent on the kind of flights. For example, for domestic tickets, Spirit Airlines charges $120 per head, and for international tickets, change charges start from $120 per head.

In the mentioned content, How to Change Name on Spirit Airlines Tickets we made a detailed study on the topic that will help our travelers to understand the change name policy within airline tickets.

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