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Here’s Everything About HRIS Software: Types, Benefits, And More!

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With automated systems taking over the market lately, every company is on a lookout for HR solutions today. And due to the current high demand, the market is filled with a host of vendors. This not just makes the whole selection process complicated for businesses but also results in wrong decision making. But when employers and HR managers have a blueprint including all the dos and don’ts, no company will ever have to end up with an inefficient system. 

In this blog, we will talk everything about the human resource information system (HRIS) that will help you to invest in the right software: 

What is HRIS? 

HRIS systems are used by more than 300 companies in India to enter, collect, store, track, manipulate, transfer, and manage data. The major reason why Indian companies are switching to such software is that they simplify human resources operations such as payroll processing, data management, and more. HRIS acts as a centralized repository of the employee as well as organization-related information. 


Here are the two types of HRIS that not many organizations are aware of:

  • HCM

In Human Capital Management, HCM, employee-centric activities are carried out. From hiring new people to retaining talented employees, every employee-related task is effectively managed using this software. 

  • HRMS 

The human resource management system, HRMS, also includes HCM as a sub-part of it. Along with the HCM benefits, HRMS provides several advantages to a company including attendance management, report & analytics, rewarding, and much more. 


  • Boosts Efficiency 

Unlike manual methods, HRIS software does not require paperwork. This means HR professionals can save a large chunk of time that they otherwise spend on piles of documents. Besides, cumbersome tasks such as payroll management, performance tracking, etc can be done in a few minutes using the right software. 

  • Cuts Down Errors 

When it comes to traditional tools, errors are just inevitable. Fortunately, HRIS eliminates every risk of mistake, thereby helping HRs to perform their processes with zero worries along the way. 

  • Enhances Compliance 

No matter the size and type, every organization out there is obliged to follow legal requirements. Laws and regulations change every year and HR managers should keep up with these amendments without any excuse. But, let’s face it, this is a bit complex when it is done manually. HRIS software, on the other hand, solves this issue. It not just adapts the new changes but also notifies HRs and employers about the same. 

  • Improves Communication

The importance of communication is a well-known fact. But often it becomes difficult to maintain the collaboration within the workforce; not anymore! HRIS systems promote robust communication. Using such systems, employees can get in touch with their peers, and managers anytime, anywhere using any device. 

  • Increases Security 

Lastly, the right software will always be a safe place to store vital data. With 100% password-protected privacy, companies can ensure zero fraud and data theft in the long run. 

These were some important factors about HR software every employer must know about before starting the selection process. Now that you know the meaning of HRIS, its types, and benefits, keep them in your mind while choosing an HRIS for your company.

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