Guide to the Famous Mexican Drinks

Mexican Drinks

Mexican food is well-known throughout the world you’re likely familiar with Mexican dishes such as tacos and enchiladas, many delicious, authentic Mexican drinks go well with the meals. What are the traditional Mexican drinks?

Many will immediately come to mind, there are alcohol- and non-alcoholic Mexican drinks that aren’t frequently available in other countries. If you’re traveling and are looking for new beverages to try in Mexico or cooking at home, you can add these well-known Mexican cocktails to your menu to get a taste of the culture of Mexico. Read the travel guide on Mexico Vacation Experiences and Activities.

Mexican Alcoholic Drinks


It is among the top sought-after Mexican drinks, however, even though most people may be tempted to associate it with quick shots it has a rich and famous culture that goes with it. As with French champagne, There are strict regulations and rules for the production of tequila. 

It has to be produced using the blue agave plant and is produced in any of the five states: Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, or Nayarit. There are numerous authentic Mexican beverages made of Tequila, it is important to understand and try the different types of it such as Blanco, reposado Anejo and Extra Anejo each with their particular aging method.


Mezcal is tequila’s less well-known counterpart, however, creative mixologists make it one of the distinct Mexican cocktails that can be found on menus all over the world. Mezcal is made from several agave varieties however what separates it from tequila’s is the roasting process. Mezcal is made from agave that is then roasted for some time in pits made of earth on hot rocks, giving mezcal a distinct smokey flavor.


Nowadays there are various margaritas made using different syrups and fruits as well as blended margaritas. While blended margaritas are now synonymous during beach vacations, real Mexican drinks are a bit different. For a traditional and easy margarita, mix Blanco Tequila with lime juice and orange liqueur. You can add a bit of basic syrup, to balance it and then pour it on an ice-filled glass that has a salt-rimmed.


Mexican beers are now one of the most sought-after worldwide, including Corona however micheladas are a drink to try in Mexico which you’re not likely to come across in other locations. The drinks are made from beer and are like similar to a Bloody Mary. They’re regarded as a cure for hangovers and are usually consumed during the day, particularly when paired with seafood. 

If this is among the Mexican spirits you’d like to try, make mixes that are pre-made to make it, however for authentic tasting that you can alter according to your own preferences for a truly authentic experience, you’ll require the clamato juice, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce hot sauce, soy sauce, and a traditional Mexican beer.


After having a Mexican evening, you may want to have a few more drinks before you go to bed Carajillos can be the perfect sweet digestif. The most well-known Mexican drinks are easy to prepare. Simply add a shot of Licor 43 over your cup of coffee then serve hot with ice.

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Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks

Agua Fresca:

The traditional list of Mexican drinks is more than only cocktails and liquors. There are many non-alcoholic Mexican beverages that taste equally tasty and refreshing. In reality, you can almost never travel everywhere in Mexico without the possibility of agua fresca. 

Drinks that are refreshing to drink in Mexico are created by mixing fresh fruit and water, adding a bit of sugar, and then serving it chilled. The most popular flavors are strawberries, lime, pineapple jamaica, as well as the hibiscus that is created by brewing the leaves of the plant.


There are a variety of regional versions of horchata. However, Mexican Horchata is the most popular. It is made from sugar, rice as well as cinnamon, almonds vanilla, evaporated milk as well as regular milk. It takes a long time to make, however, the result is sweet. The rice, cinnamon and almonds overnight to soften the mixture. The next day, you can remove these ingredients out of the water and mix the ingredients with evaporated milk prior to making sure to strain the mix. Add more water to the mix, or water or milk.

Mexican Ponche:

At Christmas, Mexican homes are filled with the aroma of ponche simmering at the table. This drink takes around approximately an hour to cook which allows your home to fill up with the aromatic fragrance of spices and fruit. In a large saucepan simmer water, adding piloncillo and cinnamon, raisins, sugarcane, and chopped fruit, such as Tejocotes, Guavas, apples, prunes and pear.

If you’re looking for creative cocktails and refreshing juices of fruit, or even holiday drinks, look for ideas from Mexican food. When you search for the traditional Mexican drinks include, you’ll discover an array of options, providing you with the chance to try something new every time. Fun Mexico Vacation Experiences and Activities.

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