Freshen Up Your Menu For The Month Of August

August is here! And now is the ideal time to change your menu and introduce fresh meals and coolers to your restaurant.

August is the last month of summer, you can use this time to update some of your summer-appropriate menu items.

While doing this, you can use a digital restaurant menu QR code app to quickly update your interactive menu.

You may easily update and alter your menu categories and items using the app rather than printing new copies of conventional paperback menus. It is affordable and ideal for your restaurant’s sustainability initiatives.

Additionally, you can provide your clients a menu QR code that they can scan to place an order right away. Customers may explore your menu, place an order, and make payment all at once on your online ordering page thanks to the menu QR code.

It’s about time to update your menu with these products now that we’ve gone through the fundamentals of a digital restaurant menu QR code app.

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Coolers are perfect for the summer and here are some new beverages you can include in your interactive menu for August.

  • Pomegranate, vodka and violet granita

This is a recipe for a frozen pomegranate beverage. It consists of both a beverage and a dessert. Pip Edward, a Sydney fashion stylist, shared this explosion of vibrant colors beverage and is ideal for any restaurant or bar.

This vibrant beverage can be included on your bar’s interactive menu.

  • Lime aperol spritz

This beverage is a staple in Milan. This concoction contains sparkling wine, aperol, soda water, and lime slices.

Lime aperol spritz is ideal for your bar and restaurant. It tastes finest when served during a chilled summer supper.

  • Rhubarb spritz

A simple cocktail to make for your restaurant is a rhubarb spritz. Simply rhubarb, caster sugar, lemon juice, and Prosecco are used to make it (Italian sparkling wine).

When having lunch with friends in the summer, this beverage is ideal.

  • Passionfruit cocktail

Serve this simple cocktail as part of your summertime menu. Vodka, coconut liqueur, grenadine, passionfruit, orange juice, some raspberries, and ice are used to serve it.

This is perfect for the summer.

  • Strawberry mocktail

Create this tasty seasonal fruit cocktail for your bar and restaurant. It contains fresh strawberries, lemon or orange sorbet, ginger ale, and watermelons.

It is best to drink this beverage to quench your summer thirst.

Foods and Meals

Liven up your menu with these fresh foods and meals for your restaurant.

  • Ambrosia

Fruit salad from America is called ambrosia. Mandarin oranges, cherries, pineapples, shredded coconut, and marshmallows can all be used to make a recipe. To suit your tastes, you can substitute various fruits in the mixture.

The fruit salad tastes best when topped with sour cream, cream cheese, or mayonnaise.

  • Baby bok Choy

As per statistics during April of last year, there was a 176 percent surge in demand for baby bok choy.

Bok choy is loaded with nutrients, just like its cruciferous relatives Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale.

It’s a great side dish for a hectic evening meal.

  • Choriatiki

Every Greek has a favorite choriatiki salad, which is a need with almost every meal. The major components of this Greek salad are cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, and a hefty amount of feta cheese.

In restaurants, the salad is always accompanied by olive oil, salt, vinegar, and pepper because the dressing is left up to personal preference. Although choriatiki is frequently consumed as an appetizer, it also tastes well as a side dish.

Also, a Greek salad sans lettuce is referred to as “Horiatiki.” This is also perfect to serve in your restaurant during hot summer nights.

  • Poke Bowl Salads

Summertime is a great time to serve salads in restaurants. When customers think of salads, they already have an idea in their minds. There are various shades of green, red, and orange (basically, it is a bowl of a rainbow, but a yummy one).

Salads are more than just a bowl of colors, always keep that in mind! A bowlful of delectable, delicate flavors with nutritional value.

By offering salads, you provide your consumers the choice between a hearty dinner and a simple bowl of healthy greens.

  • Nachos

Although nachos can get filthy on the fingers, they make an excellent snack, especially if your clients enjoy getting sloppy while eating.

Additionally, it offers a range of toppings, giving your consumers lots of options.

It just takes a few minutes to prepare because the ingredients are simply stacked on top of one another. Naturally, pre-preparation requires time, particularly when preparing the meats, but assembly is simple.


It’s time to alter your menu now that we’ve discussed some new offers for meals and coolers for your business in August.

Invite your consumers to return for these meals by providing them with some recent menu revisions.

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