CT Scan: What Should You Know about this Procedure?

Scanning is one thing that has shown significant growth in the medical field. Diagnoses of health problems, improvement in the body and overall health condition; everything can be measured to a great extent with the help of different kinds of scanners.

What is a CT Scan?

Talking about a CT scan, it is a painless, non-invasive process that can get used to visualize approximately every part of the body. Since the introduction of this scanner in the year 1967, the CT scan has progressed from being a tool for medical diagnosis to one that possess applications in ailment prevention, screening, and of course management. It is characteristically used when an X-ray fails to provide sufficient detail of a disorder or an injury, mainly in emergency condition wherein time is of the essence. Whether you talk about CT scan in Bangalore or in any other city; the scanning procedure has been doing wonders for patients and doctors.

Amidst plenty of usages of CT scan, some are like:

CT scanning of abdomen

It might get used to identify masses in the kidney, liver, oreven pancreas, or to look for the causes of bleeding in your urinary tract (haematuria).

CT scanning of the cardiovascular system

It is something that can be used to map the flow of blood (CT angiography) and to assist in diagnosing kidney disorders, atherosclerosis, aortic aneurysm, oreven pulmonary edema.

Scanning of the heart

CT scanning of heart can be really helpful to diagnose and monitor coronary artery disease (CAD) or help in valve replacement surgery.

CT scanning of skeletal system

It is something that can aid in the diagnosis of bone tumours, a spinal cord ailment, pathologic fractures, or lesions, and to assist in evaluating a complex fracture, osteoporosis, or even joint damage triggered by arthritis.

For head and Brain

CT scanning of brain and head might be used look for haemorrhage, tumours, bone trauma, blood flow obstruction, and even brain calcification (generally found in people with Parkinson’s disease and dementia).

CT scanning of lungs

This scanning can help detect variations in the lung architecture as an outcome of fibrosis (scarring), emphysema, tumours, pleural effusion and atelectasis (collapsed lung).

Having all this in mind, your doctor might order this test for a number of motives, including the presentation of any signs related to these or other issues, an event like a physical trauma, ended up from other tests that show a need for further assessment, or the need to monitor an already-diagnosed worry.Of course, sometimes the doctors or medical experts perform a test and they get a meek idea about some signs in your body but they are not sure. Then too they make sure to get sure about the concerns and hence they perform ct scanning procedure.

Impressive benefits of this scanning

CT technology caters plenty of benefits, particularly in emergency situations wherein high-contrast images can be generated in literally minutes. The information can inform doctors whether any type of surgery is required or not it is vital for you to know that in this context, a CT scan is quite superior to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), X-rays, and even positron emission tomography (PET). Just an ultrasound can actually match the CT in terms of quickness, but yes it has limitations in the kinds of injuries or disorders it can diagnose. Of course, every scanning system cannot do everything. Thereare always some areas that are unreached.  With that being said, there are conditions wherein a CT might be less effective. As an example, an MRI is quite better at imaging organs and soft tissues, like ligaments, joints, nerves, and even spinal discs. In a non-emergency condition, an MRI might cater more perceptive information than a CT scan.

But yes on the other hand, an MRI prices twice as much and, since it employs strong magnetic waves, might not be right for people having any type of metal implants (including some artificial joints, pacemakers, and cochlear implants).  As a contrast, PET and CT technologies are mostly combined into a double-purpose unit, referred to as PET-CT. By catering both anatomic and metabolic information, PET-CT scanners can cater amazing insights when diagnosing or staging the cancer.

How do the preparations look like?

The preparations for a CT scan can actually vary based on the kind of condition getting diagnosed and whether a contrast agent is getting used. Your doctor or medical expert shall provide you with particular instructions on the basis of the aim of the test.

The timing factor

Right from the arrival to completion, the appointment must take nearly one to two hours. It depends on the preparations required for the procedure. The scan itself without a contrast agent is going to take nearly fifteen to thirty minutes to get performed. Brand new machines can run the scan even in just a few minutes.In case a contrast agent gets used, it might take anywhere from various minutes to an hour for the solution get fully circulate through the bloodstream or gastrointestinal tract. Make sure to accommodate for any types of delays when scheduling your test and to try to reach there 15 minutes early to sign in. and yes this is a test that typicallygets conducted in a hospital or even an independent radiology facility.

For your knowledge, the newer CT imaging systems are made up of a large, donut-shaped unit along with a motorized scanning table that passes in and out of scanner. In the middle of the tunnel (gantry) are a sequence of X-ray emitters and detectors. Theseare much less claustrophobic and loud as compared to older systems.The radiographer is going to conduct the CT scan right from a radiation-safe control room head-to-head to the scanning room.And yes relying on the portion of your body getting scanned, some or all of clothing might need to be removed. You might be given a hospital gown to wear for this procedure.


Thus, don’t be afraid to visit CT scan centres in Bangalore for your betterment. It is painless and highly effective.

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