Step by Step Guide for Landing Page Optimization

Landing Page Optimization

Are you looking to optimize landing page of your website for escalation of conversion rate. Sometimes, we do not achieve desired conversion despite of high traffic to our page. Then you are at right spot as we bring you process for developing a landing page and its optimization for better results.

Recognize and describe your campaign’s goals

This is emphatically the first step on thinking of landing page development.You need to emphasize on understanding the need for designing landing page and your expectations. The goals for developing a landing page are different like promotion of your product, product selling, lead generation etc. Landing page may be categorised into click through landing page and lead generation landing pages on the basis of your motive.

Fabricate your First Page

After defining your aims and kind of landing page that would be apt for your website, start designing your landing page. Landing page structure can be divided typically into following constituents:

  • Headline- It is highly significant to have eye catching, attractive and meaningful headline having potential to turn the browsers attention. It casts your first impression and as we all know that sometime first impression lasts for life.
  • Video and image- It involve images and videos into your content, other than quality content to gain attention of users.
  • Information about benefits of your product- This section of landing page is vital to users to understand the benefit of your product and services. It should make users think about your product and it can be the form of bullet points to be able to catch the eye of users.
  • Form- Have it in colour box in order to have its clear visibility. Structure the clauses of form on the basis of necessary and minimum information needed.
  • Call-To-Action (CTA )- It could be a button in attractive colour that can persuade the user to take action. It shouldn’t go unnoticed, so due care must be taken while deciding its shape, size and colour.
  • Trust Indicators/ Social proof: Your landing page must possess customer testimonials or list of clientele or positive tweets about you as it assists in gaining confidence of users in the concern.

Gear up Traffic to Your Page:

This is an imperative stride for Landing Page Optimization. For startup businesses, Pay Per click ads do wonders, whereas for long back founded company already having presence and promotion on digital platforms, content marketing is an effective means to drive traffic. Blog, articles and other types of contents are amazing ways to drive traffic in the present age. Educational and informative content i.e. the form of ebooks, blogs etc aids in grabbing attention of users. Guest blogging too can be a great tool.

Data and Feedback Collection :

Post designing your lading page and driving traffic, it is now time to collect real data and comment. It is essential to assess the effectiveness of your landing page and conversion thereof. There are various means to get real feedback and reviews like Live Chats, Usability testing and on-page survey. On the basis of result, try to conclude what didn’t work in your funnel. This step facilitates information about the spheres to be optimized for better customer experience.

Create Theory from the Gathered Data:

This step involves formation of hypothesis after gathering the data based on feedback. Hypotheses formed may be true or not as it is based on experiments conducted and their concluded outcomes. Conclusion should be derived after verifying the statement of experiment. This is where you are supposed to make some changes in landing page with some new ideas that can enhance the usability and conversion. You may extend more than one hypothesis for users or decrease the figure of compulsory to answer field in form so that more and more customers get encouraged to answer.

Opt for A/B Testing or Split Testing on your Landing Page:

Post the formation of hypothesis, the next step is to apply them on landing page. But to be sure of your hypothesis and to generate the desired conversion, get it verified by putting it under test. This is where split testing or A/B testing is to be employed. A/B testing and Split testing is testing different variants of a single page to recognise the best of all variants. You may split the traffic to different variants and find the one turning major conversion. It is also to be noted that the test should be continued for a week or more span to get accurate result. Other than this, one should never stop testing and optimize landing page to make it just perfect.

Above were the Steps for Landing Page Optimization. We would also like to mention hereby that making an ideal landing page is not an easy job and does not constitute a single proven formula.

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