Best Mobile Apps for Home Security Systems

We have moved into an era of smart everything. From our phones to our homes, everything is using artificial intelligence to cater to our modern world needs. Our smartphones can now be used for calling, messaging, taking photos, using the internet and so much more. There are mobile apps that can be used to even count your daily footsteps. People practically conduct all their business on their smartphones while they are on the move. If we go back thirty years, all this was just imagination back in the 1990s. However, we do need to remember that if it were not for the advancement in internet technology we would not be using all these smart gadgets. With the efforts of internet service providers like AT&T Internet, Cox Internet, Comcast Internet, etc. this highly convenient lifestyle has become a reality for humankind.

Just like everything else, our smartphones can be used to control our home security systems through their mobile apps. With the right security app, you can control your home’s security system from wherever you are. Most of the security companies have understood the importance of such apps in the modern lifestyle and have designed their own security apps offering maximum control and user-friendly interfaces.

Features of a Good Mobile App

User-friendly Interface

An app must be easy to use. When choosing an app for your home security system make sure that the interface is simple and organized clearly so that you can easily navigate through it to control your security system and smart home devices as well. It should be straightforward to enable or disable the security system whenever needed, preferably with a single click.

Connectivity with Smart Home Devices

A good security app will connect your smart home devices and your home security system, so that you don’t need two separate apps to control the security system and the lights, thermostat, appliances, etc. An all-in-one app will save you time and provide maximum convenience simultaneously.

Alerts and Live-viewing

Good security apps will send you an instant notification as soon as the activity is sensed in the house and will offer you to view live footage of the activity. Because you deserve to know right away if something has gone wrong. Some apps will even offer two-way audio for you to scare off intruders.

Compatibility with Devices

As we discussed earlier that a mobile app needs to be easy to use. However, along with simple interface compatibility with different devices is also important. Keep in mind that not all apps will support your smartphone so choose the one that is compatible with your device.

Automate your Routines

Security apps let you create routines for your security system through your mobile phone. You can set a schedule for your smart devices and security system to do a string of things automatically. For example, when you disable the security system the doors will unlock, lights will come on, smart plugs will turn on and the thermostat will go up. Likewise, when the security system is enabled doors are locked, lights go off, the thermostat goes down, and smart plugs turn off.

Security Control

Everything discussed above is important indeed, but the most important of all is the control of your security system. A good mobile app will provide you complete and extensive control of your home’s security system. You should be able to easily enable and disable your security system through the mobile app. You should also be able to monitor the events of the system on your smartphone and check the status.

Top 3 Security Mobile Apps

Cove Mobile App

The Cove mobile app is famous for providing instant alerts through text whenever any activity is sensed or the system status changes. You can even reply to these text alerts if there is an emergency and help will be sent within 30 seconds. It lets you enable and disable your security system through your smartphone regardless of where you are. You can monitor your house through the live feed of your indoor camera that can be accessed on your smartphone via the mobile app. Cove mobile app can be used by six of your family members simultaneously.

ADT Mobile App

ADT is a household name and for good reason. If you want the best in monitored security then ADT is the way to go. Its mobile app lives up to the brand’s name too. The app allows you to monitor your house while you are away. If an intruder tries to tamper with your security system or attempts to open the doors you will instantly get a notification on your phone. You can view live footage to check what is going on and even check the status of your security system. If you forget to switch off the lights before stepping out of the house you can turn them off through the ADT mobile app. Up to six family members can use the app simultaneously.

Frontpoint Mobile App

Control your security system while on the move through the Frontpoint mobile app. You can monitor your security system and control it with a single click. Close the garage, turn off lights or check live video footage of your house while you are away. You get complete control of your cameras, smart home appliances, and motion sensors. Frontpoint will send you instant notifications whenever the motion sensors pick up on something. You can access your outdoor camera, indoor camera, and also the doorbell camera through the app. This app also supports simultaneous use by six family members at most.


Now you know what you need to be looking for in a home security system mobile app that would make it a good one. You also know which ones are among the top security apps out there. Make an informed decision when choosing one for yourself according to your needs.

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