Best 5 Filebot Alternatives – Here’s Everything That You Need To Know

File-bot is an application that allows you to organize and rename movie, animation, and television files. It’s also great for storing downloaded subtitles for movies and TV shows. OpenSubtitle subtitles can be searched, and TV titles are automatically extracted from cinema databases. So let’s have a look at 5 programs that can effectively replace filebot.


TV Rename is a tool to get your TV programs right. To get them to work using nods like Kodi, the utility will mechanically clean up and fix TV names. TV Rename is also ideal for your media collection to organize your downloaded TV series. It instantly copies your media library from the monitor’s files, downloads TV posters, generates metadata for TV shows automatically and more. If episodes of your television shows are missing, it will look for those you miss, list them and create a web search to find them. It will let you track how long you have to wait until fresh episodes come out if the TV series hasn’t finished. The versatility and usefulness it offers are the best features of TV Rename. 

  1. Media Centre Master 

A software application for organising your media files is the Media Center Master. If you are seeking for an alternative to Filebot for a product with a free edition and you’re mostly organising your media files with Filebot, Media Center Master is a good option. This free version allows you to fetch movies and TV displays with metadata with Plex, Kodi, and Emby compatibility. The premium version has various advantages, but for most, the free version is plenty. 

Some of the advantages of the premium are:

  • You can still accomplish that with the free version, but it won’t be automatic. Premium will automatically extract video frames to use as thumbnails or screenshots.
  • The premium version can directly incorporate metadata into the video. 
  1. The Renamer 

The Renamer is a TV show and film renamer that is straightforward to use. The Renamer as an alternative to Filebot is one reason you can select it because it is fully free to use. You may automatically rename the renamer by just dragging and dropping a number of disordered TV files. if you have a bunch of downloaded TV files. The Renamer employs clever logic to find the name and episode of the show and use it when a new file name is created.

  1. Ant Movie Catalog/ Ant Renamer 

Ant Film Catalog is a tool for managing your films. If you have movies in CD or DVD format, you’re going to use Ant Movie Catalog; it works even for VHS cassettes. However, if you want to support the initiative, you can make a donation.

  1. Rename My Tv Series 2 

Rename My TV Series 2 updates and enhances the original tool Rename My TV Series. Rename My TV Series 2 is completely free to use, unlike Filebot. You may however support owners by a little donation on PayPal or you can utilise their Amazon affiliate link to shop on Amazon – you will not spend any extra money on them.

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