5 Best Online Coding Courses For 12 Year Olds Students

Coding is crucial to make the computers perform based on our programming language instruction. Coding plays a significant role in developing websites, software applications, games, etc. The job opportunities are wide open for the aspirants who gain knowledge in coding. 

Now there are options open for the young minds to learn coding by joining online coding courses for 12 year olds, and it is a healthy way of developing the coding skills which benefits them in the later stage of their studies. Several online coding courses are there to select; the following explains the available coding courses for young minds. 

5 Best Online Coding Courses:

The list of coding courses extends to a wider range. Five of the best online coding courses for 12 year olds are given here for best reference. Make use of the shared information to select the best course. 

1. Coding Games by using Javascript and P5

The course is for kids between the ages 10-12. The specific course makes the students involved in learning the basics like

  • An introduction to the variables
  • Math operators
  • P5 web editor

The course gets completed by adding collision detection, refining complex game features, and adding a score and other related aspects. Kids enjoy learning the course as it involves a fun way of learning.

2. Robotics Algorithms and AI Sphero RVR

Students learn to program using block-based coding that makes the robots perform the tasks. The course also focuses on improving Artificial Intelligence and computational thinking, and kids remain interested in learning the specific course. 

  • Roblox Coding Classes
  • The specific online coding course features with
  • Design
  • Monetize and 
  • Publish the games

There are possibilities for the kids to create their own game to make it available to their friend’s circle. Kids feel comfortable learning the specific online coding course.

3. Minecraft Modding With Java

The specific course makes kids familiar with java coding and allows customization of the gameplay. The course allows students to 

  • Create new games
  • Change texture
  • Make other tweaks

All these features give the kids a fresh and new experience by learning the course. 

4. Hacking With JavaScript

Hacking is an art, and it makes coding more interesting to learn for kids. The learning makes the kid expert in coding a website and teaches them how to hack like a professional hacker. The course benefits the students by making them experts in hacking and programming and improves their 

  • Critical thinking
  • Team spirit
  • Analytical skills
  • Hacking and unlocking skills

The course gives an awesome learning experience for the kids to learn. 

5. 2D Game Design In Unity

The specific course offers an opportunity for the kids to create pixelated art assets and teach them how to program using.

  • Gravity
  • Collisions and 
  • Other related features

In a coding course associated with Unity and the programming language C++, students can learn game designing and mechanics to increase their technical skills. 

Apart from the five online coding courses mentioned, several other courses are also available to make the kids expert in coding. Selecting the perfect online coding course to engage the kids by knowing their interest is essential.

Benefits Of Learning Coding:

It is beneficial to join online coding courses for 12 year olds as the course makes the kids gain more networking knowledge. It increases

  • Logical thinking
  • Communication skill
  • Analytical thinking
  • Machine learning
  • Interest of programming

All these benefits are crucial for kids in their later stages of studies. Online coding makes the kid excel with all the coding skills, which remains crucial for developing software applications in the later stages.


Coding increases the knowledge of programming by increasing the coding skill, and young minds are strong enough to grasp all the coding techniques. Make your kids experts in coding by joining them in any available online coding courses for their bright future. 

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