A comprehensive guide of the medical tourism industry in India

The medical tourism market in India contributes to about 18% of the total global market, and it is estimated to increase to 20% by 2020. The sector has vital importance to the economic and social growth of the country. It generates employment avenues, and it continues to massively contribute to the GDP of the nation.

Medical tourism in India is continuously growing as patients from all over the globe are visiting here to avail world-class treatment. The Indian healthcare industry will rely heavily on medical tourism for its future growth patterns.

The points mentioned below will be a handy guide for doctors on medical tourism and how to benefit from it.

Reasons for the growth of the medical tourism market

  • Low-cost treatment

Individuals who are availing medical tourism look for the best treatment at affordable rates. The cost of treatment in India is far less compared to other leading countries in medical tourism. The necessary expenses come at an affordable price in case of surgeries, orthopaedic treatments, bone marrow transplant, etc.

  • Quality of treatment

India is considered as a hub of specialised doctors and paramedical staff. They are considered to provide the best services in the world for complicated surgeries and tertiary treatments.

  • Less waiting lists

The waiting time required for patients to avail treatment in India is considerably less compared to other developed countries. Patients have to wait for quite some time for an appointment from the doctor and avail proper treatment, which is not the case in the Indian sector. The overall recovery of health is also faster in India for this reason.

  • Low language barrier

The predominant language in India used to communicate in the medical sector is English, despite lingual diversity. The capability of medical staff to converse in English reduces the language barrier between them and the patients.

Tips to attract more patients

Doctors can use the following tips to attract more patients.

  • Join Lybrate for doctors

Lybrate is an online platform that enables patients to consult doctors from all across the globe. It helps a doctor to increase their presence beyond their boundaries and be known for their expertise. As medical tourism sector is growing massively, they can also expect a footfall of such patients on their clinics.

Lybrate also comes with a lot of benefits that enable doctors to enhance the efficiency of their treatments.

  • Build your online presence

Online marketing is very crucial for medical tourism. Hospitals and clinics are required to have user-friendly websites so that patients can have a clear idea regarding the services offered. They can also increase patient engagement by adding a live chat option on their website to answer queries in real-time.

  • Invest in technology

Medical tourists across the globe seek world-class healthcare practices. Investing in practice management software will increase the credibility of an organisation. It will ensure that patients availing medical tourism can book an appointment with a doctor beforehand and avoid the hassle of a long waiting list in a foreign country.

Proper management software will also ensure that the efficiency of the hospital or the clinic reducing chances of human error. However, such software can be costly. Individuals can avail Loan for Doctors from any financial institutions to fund along with a lot of other benefits to fund such expenses.

Bajaj Finserv is one such NBFC that offers such advances with a high loan amount of up to Rs. 32 Lakh. Some of the other benefits they provide include an extensive range of tenor options, fast loan disbursal and more.

The above-mentioned points should be able to provide you with a proper idea about medical tourism in India. Make sure that you collaborate with different hospitality partners and travel agencies to increase footfall in your hospital or clinic.

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