9 Types of Check Patterns for Shirts


When it comes to fashion for men, shirts have proven has critical component. In recent times, with growing trends check shirts are best in demand for their variety of patterns. Here side you can explore different type of the shirt patterns that create a chic look without much efforts. The checked pattern mentioned here are the best in trend and would perfectly suit the men’s torsos. 

Types of check patterns for shirts

1. Shepherd’s check 

As the name itself suggest the shephered check comes from the Scottish area from the rural shepherds. These patterns differ from others with visible twill checks. It shows the weaving with intersecting each other in a clear form. This helps the shirt to give a complex and textural look. These are generally available in single color with a white ground. You can prefer the shepherd’s check for informal wear or causal occasion to rock on with style. 

2. Gingham 

Gingham is also know as Vichy sometimes in different area like Europe. It is the simple yet elegant fabric for the check pattern shirts for men. It has texture with broader lines. Also, it has single color checks along with white background. Among all the colors, different shades of blue compliments the best with Gingham check patterns. The cross section of the colored lines can give out the darker and more rich look. These are totally different from the table cloth seen in the Italian hotels. 

You can definitely pair up these fabric in the summer season to create a lighthearted causal looks. Gingham can rock your outfit without adding any accessories with it. Therefore, you should not pair it up with any other contrasting color outfit or any colored tie. 

3. Tattersall 

Tattersall comes as the task for the complexity fabric. It differs with check box having more number of colored lines as compared to others. Mainly following combination of colors would rock the shirt patterns. 

  1. blue, orange and red 
  2. blue black and green 

The thickness of lines in tattersall patterns may vary. Also, a variation might come with their solidity or fade off look. But the patters and size of the square made after intersection would always stay uniform. These check pattern was discovered by Richard Tattersall and hence named the same. You can try this shirt fabric for wearing at office. Also, you can easily pair up a tie adding more formal work look. 

4. Windowpane 

These pattern contains the intersecting checks with larger size. This fabric gives a similar resemblance with older fashioned window arrangement. It has a fine line made with single color on the plain background. These are consider a bit causal due to larger size of squares. Due to larger size it creates rectangular shape as compared with the squares shape. Therefore, you can create a illusion of height and a subtle look with pairing these check shirt in your outfit. 

5. Graph check 

It is considered as the simplest and most commonly choose fabric in the men’s shirt when it comes to checks. This pattern gives an resemblance of the graph and hence named as the graph check. Red formal shirts for men combined with graph pattern can create an effortless and classy look. Also, you can move with navy colored gird with plain white base to add into your closet. You can even try out other color options like green, yellow, pink etc. The more wider the square size it can give causal look. You can definitely consider these pairing with tie and wearing to office. 

6. Glen check 

These are not totally consider under the pure check patterns. But the intersection of different lines with varied hound create a pattered look. But die to its different pattern it is one among the most demanding fabric in men’s shirt. 

7. Madras 

Madras can come up as the intense fabric designed in the bright colors. These are go with options especially for the summer seasons. This fabric is named after the city in which it got invented. It is special due to its hand woven work. The fabric mainly involves the colors like yellow, pink and orange which compliments the men’s skin tone. You can indeed choose this check shirts for summer as well as causal occasions. 

8. Tartan 

It is considered as the most complex fabric in the terms of checked shirts. This is because the fabric consist of lines with different thickness and many number of color. You can make out different style with pairing this checked shirt for more flexibility and different appearance. As it gives a more vibrant look you can definitely consider it under the casual wear list. 

9. Gun club check 

A gun club means a check pattern of crossing line with different color like rust, gold, black and green. This fabric is inspired from the landscape of highlands. But in recent times with modification the gun club check comes with two usual colors as brown and blue. 


There are different variety of check shirts available at which can help to get different effortless look. You can definitely consider any of those according to the occasion and choice.

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