6 Unique Birthday Gifts Ideas for an Art Lover Friend

Birthday gift

If it is the birthday of a loved one, who has an inclination towards arts and craft, it is quite baffling to select the right gift. The likes and preferences of art lovers are that, that you cannot find a gift to win their heart.

You cannot please them with just any gift. They need something that is thoughtful, unique, and matches their intellect level. The gift you offer them on their birthday or any other special day should be collectible and above all, of their interest.

In this post, we will list some of the gift ideas for art lovers that are highly artistic, modernistic, creative, unique, and really cool. Such as –

1. Flexible Dual Screen Laptop – 

Art intellectuals can only be pleased with gifts that are unique, advanced and take them forward. One such gift idea is – a flexible dual screen laptop, like Lenovo Yoga C930.

This super-light and ultra-thin laptop comes with an innovative rotating sound bar and 4K clarity. Available in 14” and 15” screen options, Lenovo Yoga C930 laptop features 8th Generation Intel Core™ i7-8550U Processor, 8/16 GB DD4 RAM, 256 GB/1TB SSD space, and Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 620.

Lenovo Yoga C930 sounds like a cool, memorable gift idea. 

Here are a few other dual screen laptops that you can consider. If it is about latest gadgets, you can also take 5G laptops and tablets in your contemplation.

2. Innovative Bags – 

It is quite difficult to find the right gift for artistic souls. You can include cool work bag in your gift considerations. Here are some –

Cargo Works Mackbook/Notebook Kit – This small laptop bag or sleeve is cool, stylish, and less seen being carried by others. The bag can house 13” Mackbook Pro, and other similar size laptops, along with other gadgets like your phone and its charger. 

The Rhake : VX from Mission Workshop – The Rhake VX has been designed to carry everything you need at work. Apart from work, you can take this bag for play, adventure, and occasional night outs. You can keep your laptop (of course), phone, chargers, keys, water bottle, a couple of books, and sunglasses in this bag. 

The best part of this bag is its VX-21 diamond ripstop fabric, which is the most advanced textile in the world with unmatched abrasion and tear and weather resistance – something your art buff loved one will love!

3. Modern Work Station with Storage – 

There is no denying that people with a taste for arts and craft love extraordinary creations. So, how about gifting a workstation or table with storage?

If you are not considering an expensive gift, you can surely gift a work table with modern, ergonomic design.

Tribal Desk with Hutch and Book Shelf – If the person you are buying gift for is a bibliophile, this artistically design work table with purposely included hutch and book shelf could be a buy. There are shelves on two levels, which you can use for storing your books, documents, vase, watch, and speakers.

Livingon End Table – A comfortable work table that can be used while sitting in bed too! This could be the real pleasure you can give your art lover friend. Using this table, they can read and work – not just from home, but also from bed.

4. Leaf mugs and glasses 

Every one of us uses a glass and a mug to drink water. You can present the mugs and glasses with the customized labels and stickers of leaves if your gift recipient is a wildlife lover. By receiving such a gift from you, he/she will thank you from his/heart as he/she will feel being close to nature at the time of drinking water. 

5. Bundy Duck – 

Decorative ducks! So we have talked about work station with space for decorative items. 

This wooden duck fits into that space perfectly. Though, you can place Bundy Ducks in other spaces as well. The best part of these wooden ducks is, they look so natural and make a unique shiny gift of art. 

Plus, these collectibles are handmade and hand painted. Still, the detailing on them looks so real.  The ducks are painted in two styles – country style and stained classic style.

This unique collectable item makes an ideal choice for gifting, specifically, for those who like handcrafts and folk arts.

6. Goat Mug with Mr Doodle Signature Style – 

An artistic masterpiece for contemporary art lovers! This beautifully illustrated portable mug tells a very unique story with its design. It says, “The coffee was discovered by goats.”

This limited edition cup is 100% leak proof and dish washer safe. Its unique horn-shape design lets you drink coffee to the last drop. Additionally, it has been designed with intelligence to provide optimum insulation which in turn keeps your coffee hot for extended duration.

Alternatively, you can gift this mug that features a brief history of art.

7. Cigar Tasting Notebook:

One of the cigar fans on your existence is probably an avid smoker. Such human beings like to flavor extraordinary kinds of cigars and smoking pipes such as Peterson Pipes and be aware down the flavor they enjoy and proportion the identical with their friends. A classic, however fashionable Cigar Tasting Notebook is an exquisite gift for such human beings. These notebooks are booklets that might allow them to have a report of cigar sorts and flavors every time they smoke an extraordinary cigar.

8. 3D Pen –

A pen that allows an artist to create 3-dimensional art! Wow! How cool would that be!

This mind-blowing scientific cum artistic innovation will probably be the most memorable gift an art lover!  Technically, using this pen, you can create 3 dimensional plastic drawing right in front of you.

For example: with this pen, you can draw a miniature Eiffel Tower, a napkin holder, fix your broken toys and phone cases, and a bird’ nest, and many other creative arts that you can touch and feel.

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