6 Different Types of Refrigerators You Can Buy

Buying a refrigerator is a one-time kind of investment and a serious purchase. This is so because it is not something that you intend to change quite often.

It is an expensive appliance which when purchased, you intend to use it every single day for another 10 years. 

If you are planning to replace your refrigerator anytime soon, then selecting the right one for you can be quite tricky as there are so many different types, styles, and brands available in the market. 

When deciding which refrigerator to buy, it is very important to look out for a brand that provides the best refrigerator warranty.

The following are the different type of refrigerator available in the market:

1. Top freezer refrigerator

The top freezer refrigerator is the traditional style of the refrigerator which is being used since the past few decades. It is the most commonly used type of refrigerator and you will find this in most of the households. 

In the top freezer refrigerator the refrigerator in at the lower level. The refrigerator being at the lower level at times cases inconvenience to some taller people as they have to bend each time they need access to the refrigerator. 

They are a very basic type of refrigerators with not many modern features. They are ideal for small families and households. When it comes to the price factor, this type of refrigerator is quite affordable which makes it a perfect choice for budget buyers.

2. Side by side refrigerator

The side by side refrigerators has become quite popular in recent times. These refrigerators offer a full top to bottom vertical freezer and refrigerator placed next to each other unlike other types of refrigerators. 

These refrigerators have become popular because their split design makes it very convenient for the user to access both the freezer and refrigerator at the same time. The frequently used items can be stored in the top level of the freezer and the refrigerator so that you don’t have to bend all the time. 

Some side by side refrigerators allocates more space to the refrigerator which helps to give you more space if the use of refrigerator is more than the freezer. 

Side by side refrigerator is usually bigger in size and can occupy more space than traditional refrigerators. 

3. Bottom freezer refrigerator

The bottom freezer refrigerator is similar to that of a top freezer refrigerator. The only difference is that the configuration is reversed and the freezer is at the bottom and the refrigerator is at the top level. 

They are quite popular because of the convenience and ease of use that they offer. You can easily access the refrigerator without bending. As the freezer is not used that often it is at the bottom level. 

They are usually wider in size which gives you more space to store more items. Most of the bottom freezer refrigerators have drawers instead of shelves which makes it more convenient to use.

They also come equipped with a lot of additional features. These refrigerators have a bigger capacity makes them perfect for big households. However, you will have to shell out a huge amount as they are expensive as compared to the traditional ones. 

4. French door refrigerator

Frech door refrigerator is one of the best looking refrigerators that has become very popular in recent times. They give a modern look to your kitchen. 

They are huge in size and offer you great storage capacity for both freezer and refrigerator. The top portion with a french door is the refrigerator and the lower level is the freezer. 

You can access the refrigerator by opening one door at a time which minimizes the escape of cool air and improves efficiency. This also helps to save on electricity costs. 

Most of the french door refrigerator has drawer style freezers, but some also have french style doors for the freezer as well.

Most of the french door refrigerators have big door bins, wider shelves, deep drawer freezer, and adjustable shelves. Some of them have features like ice and water dispenser as well. 

They are a bit expensive and are perfect for big households with huge kitchen space. Make sure you get appliance insurance for your expensive refrigerator. 

5. Mini fridge

If you are not looking for a full-sized refrigerator or want to keep a spare refrigerator then a mini fridge is the best solution for you.

Because of their small size, they cost less and their operating expense is also quite low. Many people buy mini-fridge to place in the bar of their home to stock it with drinks and snacks.

They are also perfect to be used as a spare refrigerator as it will occupy very little space. 

6. Freezerless refrigerator 

If you have space constraint in your kitchen, or you have a tight budget and if you want to lower your electricity bill then freezer less refrigerator is the best option for you.

It is a great option for people who don’t prefer eating frozen food or are interested in having a separate freezer and separate refrigerator.

They have a very basic design and they don’t have any extra features. They are just used for the sole purpose of storing food, fruits, vegetable, eggs, etc. 

It is usually used by a small household with small kitchen space or it is also used by big households as a spare refrigerator. They are very economical and the least expensive as compared to other refrigerators. 

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