Leads Dubai: Social Media Marketing Strategy 2021

Have you thought about upgrading or changing your marketing method in 2021? Given the increase in digital competition, it is now time that you look at your social media data from the past and formulate a new strategy based on the results. Although one cannot predict the future of social media marketing one can use their findings over the years to create a strong social media marketing plan that helps obtain more followers, generate leads and bring business to the company. Here check out the top social media marketing tips or concepts that you must adopt in 2021 for your business to succeed.

1. Continue person company value

You just need not only project ideologies and core values of a social media platform, but you need to question yourself what value are your customers getting about your company from your social media platforms? You must already know social media marketing has taken height, and it is crowded with thousands of contents which the consumers go through daily.

Thus, one of the essential social media strategies for your business must be to continue offering your followers valuable updates about your company’s latest offerings. Customers follow their favourite brands on various social media channels to stay updated about the new products or services they have to offer. This means that your social media marketing strategy for 2021 must consist of insightful information about the new features while delivering a message about services valuable to the followers. No doubt interactive and fun content is enjoyable and helps boost the follower’s engagement, but you must keep these value prospect in mind.

2. Turn attention to online presence

It is no surprise that 97% of consumers go online to look for local businesses and rely entirely on the reviews and ratings to decide if they will use the brand’s products or services. So you must keep up with your online reputation in 2021.

Your customers will hesitate in contacting your company in case they have any negative reviews or unanswered questions. The customers want to engage with the company when they need answers. So, make sure that you hear their concerns and show you care about their needs. It thus, is a suitable way to keep your customer loyalty consistent.

3. Target audience with video content

Today video content is receiving extremely popularity. With over 87% of video marketers reporting an increase in the traffic, it has proven itself an important social media strategy for 2021. Thus, you must consider increasing the video content on your website to increase follower engagement. For this, go through your website’s past engagement and see if they have worked well or why did they generate the engagement you were hoping for. Turn those contents into videos and put the information as a caption for FB post. In the end, it will all be your role and how you convince your customers to choose your company over the competitors.

4. Use SEO and organic social together

Instagram recently released to users that the platform will promote searches through SEO purposes more than ever. In short specific keywords will trigger relevant content, requiring proper SEO knowledge and usage dominant in 2021. So rather than changing your company’s entire social media strategy, stay updated with the platforms new strategies and keywords that you can incorporate in your social media strategy. 


2021 will definitely open great business opportunities. To take advantage of them, you must keep the above-mentioned social media strategy points in mind and hire a team of marketing professionals who can help you achieve your goals. Leads Dubai is the top Social Media Company Dubai can help you rightly. 

At Leads Dubai, our professionals constantly stay up to date with the changing industry trends and help our clients get the desirable results. So, wait not and get in touch with us today to receive the help your business needs.

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