5 Types of Hijabs to Wear in 2022

Gone are the days when buying scarves online was a huge hassle, we had to ensure the vendor is not scamming us and not taking the advantage of us. One of the reasons why sourcing hijab online and niqab online has become much easier is because today the technology is pretty advanced. People today can immediately file a complaint and get a refund on the product when they do not get what they ordered. Apart from this, back in those days, there were pretty restricted options when it came to the availability of the women’s hijab. However, today, brands like the Black Camels have brought in various specialties and made overall e-commerce and online shopping pretty easy.

You can choose from their vast range of products available online and receive the best-looking hijab without leaving the comfort of your home. I mean why would you want to leave your bed on these cold days when you can have someone get you everything you want to your door? We all love the convenience and that is why we choose online shopping. If you are someone who is still struggling with styling their hijab and do not know much about it then you are at the right place. Here we will update you about some of the hijab styles that are going to help you style your dress better.

Following are the hijab that you can buy both online and in stores too.

  1. Modal Hijab

This is one hijab that goes with every style of clothing you are wearing. You would be surprised to see how amazingly trendy this scarf is and that is what makes it the perfect and versatile choice for all the women out there. This kind of hijab is generally prepared with cotton material which means you can wear this hijab on fancy occasions too. Most importantly there is a wide variety of colors that you can find this hijab in, blue, black, red, maroon, orange, white, pink you name it and they have it.

The thing that makes them so favorable is they are easy to wear that is why they are perfect for everyday wear and you as a person do not even have to worry about feeling weird while wearing them. The super airy texture of the scarf gives the person a luxurious feel and softness.

  1. Cross-Layered Hijab

Cross Layered is one kind of hijab that looks elegant and professional both. When you are out for your professional and corporate meeting and do not want your hijab to come in the way we recommend you get a cross-layered hijab. You can find this hijab in both the jersey and chiffon material making it absolutely perfect for every occasion. The best thing about the cross-layered hijabs is you do not need to layer them in any way as they come pre-layered and then you can wear them however you wish to. 

You can wear this kind of hijab on multiple occasions which include formal ones too. Make the subtle style statement like no other. 

  1. Glitter Hijab

Hijabs can be fancy too no matter how mediocre your overall dress is and how simple you think you look; a glitter hijab can just add the notion of sparkle in your look and make you look ravishing beauty that you are. The glitter hijab gives adds a touch of regal look and up your whole look game for the party. You can wear it almost everywhere be it at a party or festival or anything. The combination of soft material along with the shine is perfect for all kinds of events that you plan to go. 

These glitter hijabs can be found in many exciting colors like dark green, blue, white, yellow, sky blue, grey, or many other shades.  These kinds of hijabs are perfect for all kinds of outings like the ones with friends and family. You can pair them up with any kind of dress and be the star of the night.

  1. Ripple Hijab

If you are looking for something that can add the style element to your outfit there is nothing better than the riffle hijab. It is a perfect option for all hijab lovers and those who love to style themselves in the best possible way. It is generally made of cotton as it is one breathable fabric and perfect for the weather that is warm. Women wear these ripple hijab as it feels soft on the skin.

Its hypo-allergic nature further allows the skin to feel safer if the woman wears the hijab all day. Again, you can find this type of hijab in various colors which include pink, white, black, turquoise and peach, and many other colors as well. You can pair this hijab with a glittery outfit to make the perfect combination of both things. 

  1. Necklace Pattern Hijab

If you are a jewelry lover this is the hijab that you MUST get. It is one of the fabulous kinds of hijab that every woman must try on. These hijabs are mainly used in fancy occasions and parties where you can rock your whole simple dress with just this hijab on you. This is one luxurious-looking hijab that looks stunning on every woman who likes to go the extra mile when trying to get the best of everything. The fabric of this hijab is the fabric usually.

When you are wearing a necklace hijab you do not need to wear any other kind of jewelry or accessory. You can wear it however you want and your necklace area will be filled with something at least. Other than that, you can also arrange the hijab so that the necklace adorns on the top of your head. The overall attire looks pretty cool and chic however you are styling them without making you look like you have overdone yourself. Another attractive thing about this hijab is it is pretty comfortable to wear despite having jewelry in it.

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Fariha Waseem is a fashion designer and digital influencer currently working at Black Camels

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