5 Environmental activists you should follow on social media

Keeping the environment safe and sound is the responsibility of every individual. Earth Day always reminds people that you can do a little more to save Mother Earth. Some Social environmentalists go beyond the standard way to help nature. These people try to bring joy to this world. They are dedicated to highlighting climate issues. They also work towards initiatives for wanting people to do more. There are famous environmentalists, and they are present on social media. You can follow their accounts and check out all things that they do. 

Environmental Activists, you should follow.

1. Jane Goodall

Dr. Jane Coodall has provided an outstanding expert on Chimpanzees in her 60-year study. She was named UN Messenger of Peace in 2002. Goodall is known to have founded the Jane Goodall Institute along with the Roots and Shoot Programme. She has been working on various issues. She writes informative blog posts where she mentions her reasons to be a vegetarian. 

She encourages people to shift to a plant-based diet for improving human health. She is pretty outspoken. She has collaborated with NASA to provide remedies for deforestation to protect the Chimpanzees. 

2. Greta Thunberg

She is a Swedish environmentalist who is known for acting against climate change. She always talks about climate change. She has been doing it since she was eight, and she continues it even today. She began the climate strikes in August 2018, when she was just 15 years. She even demanded the Swedish Government for a reduction in carbon emissions. 

Thunberg has received great appreciation from other media and the public. Further, She is one of the Social environmentalists working toward climate change. She has done a bit of environment on every holiday. 

3. David Attenborough

David Attenborough is known best for his writing BBC documentary series and also his documentary film, A Life On Our Planet. Further, he has been advocating for renewable energy prevention and natural preservation. He has been urging people to adopt a vegetarian diet. 

According to him, people must change their diet if they want to change the planet. He has been trying to use fossil fuels as renewable energy. This would be alone for stopping climate change. 

4. Matthias Gelber

He hails from a small German village and has a strong connection with nature. He is also an advocate related to green living. He was awarded the “Greenest Person on The Planet” through an online competition held in 2008. In addition, he has a passion for solving environmental issues. 

He shares his videos continuously on Facebook. He roams around the country without any car and has a $10 electricity bill. He believes that having a holistic green lifestyle is the start to saving nature. If you don’t buy all you want, you are preventing nature. 

5. Isatou Ceesay

She is a Gambian activist, and she is known for turning plastic into fashion. She picks up the plastic from the community at the recycling centers. She ultimately discourages the throwing of waste anywhere. She has been in women’s empowerment with a recycling movement called “One Plastic Bag in the Gambia.” 

She has taught all the women of Gambia the importance of a healthy environment and not littering waste. She uses plastic as saleable items for earning income. 


These Social environmentalists are working together to bring change to the world. They are the changemakers for adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Follow these on their social media channels, and you will be amazed by their work. 

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