Which Mattress to Choose?

We spend a third of our life in bed, some, more. At a rate of 40 movements per night and per sleeper, on average, in 10 years a mattress will have undergone 150,000 position changes.  It’s worth it to put the means. It is therefore important to choose it right from the start. When the mattress turns 10, you have to change it and the bed base. Indeed, a mattress has an average life of between 10 and 14 years. In the same way, the mattress matures at the same time as the mattress. If they are slats, it works and it falters a little after 10 years.

In terms of bedding, it is not the choice that is missing. There is something for everyone and for all budgets. Each will evaluate the quality he/she looks for based on his / her height, weight, body size, and health, as well as the position one has when sleeping.

Which mattress to choose?

Spring mattress, latex, foam or wool, discover the one you need!

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses have evolved a lot and are more comfortable than before. We do not feel the springs on our backs like the old mattresses of our grandmothers. They are recommended for people who sweat a lot or who are hot during their sleep. There is better ventilation of the mattress. Spring mattresses account for 50% of sales.

Latex mattress

There is the 100% natural latex, based on rubberwood and synthetic latex. The latex mattress really fits your shapes like play dough, but at the same time, it’s firm and pleasant. Natural latex is better ventilated than synthetic latex but less well ventilated than a spring mattress, but it is still interesting. The sensations are special. The bulk of the market is a lot of synthetic latex.

Foam mattress

The foam mattress is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be of less good quality. If you want to sleep every day on it, it is necessary to favor a certain density, at least 30 kg per cubic meter. Foam mattresses are the cheapest on the market.

Memory mattresses

You can also opt for a memory foam mattress. This will prevent your mattress from taking shape, and after 2 years, it collapses completely.

Wool mattress

Having a mattress that lasts a lifetime is possible with wool. Indeed, a wool mattress can last more than 60 years, compared to an ordinary mattress, whose average duration is 10 to 14 years. It must still take care and give a facelift from time to time. It is the craftsman who manufactures them that provides this kind of facelift and give a second life to your mattress.

A handful of craftsmen continue to manufacture woolen mattresses in the purest tradition with 100% natural materials, wool and cotton. It is necessary to cut 40 sheep to make a single mattress. The production is artisanal, everything is done by hand and there is no standard dimension. The mattress can be any size and adapt to any type of bed.

In addition, you do not need to throw your mattress after 10 years. What wears, we do not see it. The wool, rubbing, ends up packing. We realize this when the mattress no longer acts as a shock absorber. The mattress can be reworked to restore the spring wool.

The cost is much higher than for standard mattresses but the investment can become profitable for a bed that you will keep your whole life. The wool mattress sells very little today in France.

To note a disadvantage  : The mites and the dust which develop much more in the mattresses in wool. It is therefore to be avoided for people with allergies.

How to choose your mattress?

The quality of a mattress depends on its thickness, its firmness and its comfort. In addition, if you sleep alone or accompanied, the choice will not be the same. With each type of corpulence and with each health problem, like the backache, corresponds a bedding.
The choice of bedding is always complicated. Which mattress to choose? How to choose a box spring? What is the use of a mattress? Discover the information and compare the prices of mattresses with our comparator.

Independence of sleeping

Sleeping independence is when one can have each one’s side with the same mattress. This allows you to move without shaking the person next to you, knowing that you turn about 40 times in one night. The larger the mattress, the more independence is ensured. If one goes to bed earlier than the other, it’s nice that it does not move and not be disturbed in his sleep at bedtime.

In terms of budget, it is higher about 600 euros is the price to pay to ensure peace in your household and your comfort.

A custom mattress

You can opt for a custom mattress. With a machine that will measure the curves of your body lying down, it is possible to build a mattress and box spring according to your morphology and your possible back problems.
In terms of comfort, it’s the best. But we must remain cautious because it will not necessarily ensure an excellent quality of sleep to the extent that we do not stop changing position during all phases of sleep.
In addition, the tailor-made has a price. It is necessary to count nearly 4000 euros for a set mattress and sommier adapted.

How to choose your bed base?

It is important to have a mattress topper with a technology adapted to the mattress. You will not put a spring mattress on a slatted frame. And you’re not going to put a latex mattress on a box spring.

A box spring will be more suitable for high-end mattresses. A slatted bed base for latex mattresses. There are 2 types of slats: passive slats and slats.

Why buy a mattress?

Many people do not want to buy a mattress. If the mattress is too old, it is better to reinvest in a new mattress. Otherwise, you can buy an over-mattress.

The over-mattress can also be useful if you have bought a mattress that is too hard and you have difficult nights, numb limbs, or pains. In this case, we can consider adding to the mattress a memory mattress overlay. Sales have more than doubled in the space of 3 years for over-mattresses. People want very high and thick bedding. This also gives a more plush look and is more comfortable, fluffy and cozy. There are also mattresses with a built-in mattress.

Purchase mattresses online

The advantage of online shopping is the availability of a large selection of mattress brands and prices. A 140 cm mattress can cost between 169 and 12,000 euros. For the same type of mattress, it is between 20 and 30% cheaper on the Internet than in the traditional trade. Another advantage is that delivery is free.

If the mattress bought on the Internet is not suitable you can return it but at your expense, it takes about 80 euros. Note that it takes about 2 to 3 weeks to adapt to a new mattress. Do not be impatient if you are not satisfied with your new mattress after a few days.

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