What is the California king platform bed?

Platform beds remain closer to the floor surface and stay flat without a box spring mechanism. Such beds are available in King and Queen Size, and one can buy them based on their requirement.

The measurement or the dimension of these beds remains standard for all people.

But, there are rare cases of taller people who find it difficult to adjust themselves in standard-sized beds. Their legs come out of the bed, which causes discomfort to the individual and might result in disturbed sleep.

Migliore Furniture finds the best solution for such rare cases and supplies california king platform bed for their taller clients.

Essential factors for buying California King Size beds

It is crucial to consider the following factors before purchasing a california king platform bed for personal use. The factors include

  • Consider the length as this particular bed suits the taller people than the standard size people
  • Consider the space where the bed is going to be fixed as it remains too long with the extended head and footboard
  • Consider the sleeping style of the individuals or the couples as it is available as split mattresses
  • Consider the bed frames as it remains extra-long and might not fit appropriately in the standard size bed frames
  • Consider buying suitable bed sheets and covering materials as it is a challenging factor to buy the perfect size

Considering these factors remains beneficial for the users and saves time and energy in finding suitable accessories for California King Size beds.

The reason behind buying California King Size beds

A standard bed dimension is enough for all people to get a comfortable sleep. Comfort is possible when one can stretch their body to get complete relaxation. Standard-sized beds are enough for ordinary people, but taller people can’t adjust themselves to the standard size. 

The taller people can’t stretch their bodies in standard-sized beds as their legs come out of the supporting surface. It gives discomfort, so they can’t get a sound sleep that is essential for refreshment. 

Hence, these people go for the option of buying a california king platform bed to get a good sleep. The differentiate factor I nothing but the dimension, and it is necessary for the taller people.

Place the order online

Migliore Furniture supports online shopping, and one can place an order for buying such an extra size mattress for personal use. The price rates remain suitable for the buyers, and it remains a one-time investment for the buyers to purchase such products from online shopping.

One can receive the beds on their doorstep by following the simple order placing procedure. Safe and secure packing is available for the product, and care is taken to deliver the product without any damage. 

 One needs to check the product’s availability to their postal codes before placing their orders online, as sometimes the product remains unavailable for specific postal codes. 

A better choice for spacious rooms

Apart from taller people, these beds are suitable for bedrooms that have more space. The spacious bedroom’s luxurious and elegant look is possible by fixing such beds. 

It is a good choice for master bedrooms that have more space. The uniqueness and elegant look are due to fixing two XL size mattresses together. It is essential to improve the bed in such a way as to get the desired comfort and sound sleep. 


Buy California King Size beds online to save time and energy, in addition to offering comfort to tall people.

It is not the standard size, and hence it becomes to check its availability in online mode before placing the order. Bedrooms with more space can use these beds to give a massive look to the bedroom.

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