What are Kelowna’s top 6 Tourist attractions?

The city of Kelowna is a beautiful city to have a wonderful peaceful time. The city of Kelowna is situated as a major island city in British Columbia. The city of Kelowna has been a popular destination for travelers who come with family or friends. 

You can visit the city of Kelowna which is located over Okanagan Lake in the famous Okanagan Valley. The city of Kelowna was established in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. You can visit the city by choosing WestJet Airlines Flight Booking for your loved ones!

You can read the places which are famous in the city and highly packed with travelers all around!

Okanagan Lake

The natural attraction of Okanagan Lake makes the city much better to live in. The Okanagan Lake is located in the heart of the city of Kelowna. Lots of people visit Okanagan Lake to see some spectacular sights. Okanagan Lake is a stunningly large and deep lake located in the Okanagan Valley. Okanagan Lake is near Canada and is the most captivating site in the city of Kelowna. You can catch distinguishing features of the lake or can go to terraces used for agricultural determinations.

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Mission Hill Family Estate Winery

Mission Hill family estate winery has a restaurant called Locavore to visit. You can come to Mission Hill family estate winery which serves to be an exciting place in Kelowna. Mission Hill family estate winery in the original vineyard has modern buildings. People visit Mission Hill family estate winery to see the famous amphitheater. 

Bear Creek Provincial Park

Located on the west side of Okanagan Lake is the famous Bear creek provincial park. Many people visit Bear Creek provincial park to see the enormous green park. Come here with kids to enjoy a huge ground area. You can also stroll in this regional park while collecting the grandest views. Many tourists come to Bear Creek provincial park to visit the nearby beach. You can also enjoy hiking trails. So, guys visit Bear Creek provincial park to enjoy camping and hosting events here. 

Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park is a famous site in the city which has an attractive natural park. Lots of people visit Knox Mountain Park to collect bird’s-eye views for everyone. People also come here to hike in numerous recreational areas. 

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Big White Ski Resort

The big white ski resort is dedicated to beginners, where people visit to have a wonderful experience. The big white ski resort is a famous place that offers lessons to learn the best skiing experience. You can join this big white ski resort to try the sport out at this resort. You can spend hours here, so don’t miss the big white ski resort on your to-do list.

Wood Lake

Wood Lake is enclosed with the Okanagan valley. People visit Wood Lake to have the most impressive look. You can visit Wood Lake to sightsee a beautiful lake present here. People rush to Wood Lake which is a group of 5 lakes and has been collected as one single Wood Lake. 

So, friends, you can come to Kelowna for your next vacation. This city is a must-visit destination packed with many beautiful sights. People visit Kelowna with kids as well which means the city is safer for kids as well. Plan a trip with a WestJet Flights ticket to enjoy with kids and have an amazing experience.

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