Types of Roofing Sheets used in India

Roofing Sheets

Various types of roofing sheets arrive packaged with their individual set of pros and cons. In case mounted with completion, they can improve the lifespan of any roof significantly.

  1. Corrugated roofing sheets 

Mostly practiced in agricultural buildings, corrugated roofing sheets highlight repetitive turns on their surface. In Spite of their unusual shape, they allow years of reliable utility also enhanced strength. Because of their unique way, they offer years of constant efficiency, moreover improved durability. Their rigid design with elevations and grooves make them more potent than before. The wavy architecture paves the way for enhanced strength across more small surface areas.

  • Because of the particular flimsy, corrugated shape,  moreover, lightweight metals like aluminum can also be provided to undergo decades of weather defeat. As per the pollution levels controlling where they are installed, corrugated sheets have to be managed every 5-10 years. Wholly durable and eco-friendly, these roofing sheets are ideally utilized for shielding garages, porches, moreover sheds.
  • Galvanized steel sheets form the core material for various types of corrugated sheets, like the ones coated with polyester paint either protected with PVC plastisol covered roof sheets.
  • Agricultural buildings often practice polyester painted sheets because of their medium-length lifespan moreover economic performance.
  • PVC Plastisol coated corrugated sheets are incredibly durable. They include steel sheets used with primer paint moreover PVC rolled on their exterior. These roofing sheets do not scratch either fade quickly and typically can last for about 25-30 years.
  1. Polycarbonate roofing sheets 

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are extensively utilized in industrial moreover large-scale industrial buildings in India. Their surrounding properties additionally high strength quotient obtain them properly for such applications. Entirely weather-resistant, easy to install, extremely durable, polycarbonate sheets are accessible in a plethora of textures and designs. Their support cost is meager, and they can also be practiced as effective roofing solutions in accommodations such as swimming pool areas, walkways, sky lighting, and show signboards.

There are more applications of polycarbonate roofing sheets, both commercial & industrial. Foam-backed polycarbonate moreover clear polycarbonate roofing choices are the most regularly used varieties of polycarbonate sheets.

Foam-backed polycarbonate roof sheets are lightweight also durable. They are placed in modern buildings, such as warehouses, because of their longevity and strength. Homeowners practice them to build sheds, carports, moreover roofs with minimal slope.

Colour coated roofing sheets are installed in sunrooms, patios moreover place that require natural light through the home. These roofing panels often emphasize protective film layers for filtering out damaging UV rays of the sun.

  1. Metal roofing sheets 

The roofing sheets composed of metal usually comprise Zinc, Aluminium, Copper and Tin. They can be customized to build rooftops varying based on their style, price, durability, longevity, energy efficiency, moreover aesthetic value. Accessible in a plethora of styles, textures, colors, they are short curvy than corrugated roofing sheets.

Metal roofing sheets maintain high insulating capabilities and can be practiced in the construction of backyards, garages, garden buildings, household cladding, and industrial roofs. Metal roofing panels can resist high winds, torrential rains, snow, hail, also fire.


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