The Post-Marriage Traditions in a Marathi Wedding Ceremony

Marathi Wedding

Weddings held in Maharashtra exude great charm and subtlety. Marathi weddings are popular and known for the different traditions that families follow once the couple is in matrimony. In a Marathi marriage, the wedding celebrations are the simplest amongst all other regions in India. Once the family pandit sets the auspicious date, the family members start planning for all ceremonies that are to take place before and after the wedding.

Friends, relatives, neighbors, aunts, and uncles from far distances come to be part of each Maharashtrian ceremony and offer their blessings to the newlywed’s happiness in the future. Speaking of which, don’t we all want our futures to be full of joy, security, and fulfillment? Then don’t put a pause in your life. Let us help you find the perfect match. You can visit any Marathi Matrimony site today and discover your future life partner.

Most of the Marathi ceremonies take place during daylight, including the main event on the wedding day. Celebrations or rituals don’t stop once the wedding is over. A few practices are remaining that take place post the wedding. It is the most special out of all the ceremonies since the bride and groom are updated to their new societal status of husband and wife while performing each ceremony. Let’s learn some more from the list of rituals stated below. Before we get to the list, are you on the journey of finding your life partner? Don’t wait – instead, create your Marathi Matrimony profile today and take one step forward.

Post Wedding Rituals in Marathi Wedding

1. Varat

The Marathi ritual Varat is very similar to the Bidaai ceremony in Hindu marriages. It’s a very emotional and challenging journey for a woman to leave the house where she grew up, spent her entire life, and move to a new home where she’ll be taking the responsibilities as a wife. On becoming the wife to her husband, the new bride is packing all her memories as she bids goodbye to her previous home. The bride’s parents join her in leaving the old house and walking towards the new one. The husband carries the silver Goddess Parvati’s idol to her new home, the same one in front of which the bride prays during the Gaurihar puja in her home.

2. Grihapravesh

Before the groom and bride enter the home, the groom’s mother is awaiting their arrival with an aarti thali and a utensil filled with milk and water to wash the couple’s feet. Once the bride’s feet get cleaned, she gently smacks over the Kalash (utensil) filled with rice near the door entrance. Then they enter the home and greet the rest of the family members. All of them welcome her into her new home with open arms and bless her with a blissful married life. Once everybody is seated, a few more rituals take place between the husband and wife. Firstly, they place goddess Parvati’s idol onto a plate full of rice. The husband carves his wife’s name out of the rice on the plate, where the silver idol sits. For the next ritual, the groom’s mother has to sit between the husband and wife and look at her face in a mirror’s reflection. This practice is known as “Soonmukh Baghane,” following which the couple takes some sugar and distributes it amongst the guests and receives their blessings in return.

3. Reception

The reception is also a grand function like the main marriage event held by the groom’s family. Most of us can take references from reception parties kept by some of the biggest Bollywood stars after their marriage. Reception is usually arranged in a grand hall, where all the relatives and friends get invited to the reception gathering. The reception ceremony marks the first appearance of the bride and groom amongst everyone they know, only this time they get introduced as husband and wife. The new bride or wife wears an elegant saree and heavy jewelry gifted to her by her in-laws, while the groom dons an outfit given to him by his in-laws. After receiving blessings from every family member and friend for their future happiness and successful relationship, the guests are escorted to their seats to have a hearty meal.

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