How to Start Small Business Ideas for Teens at Home

What if I told you that starting your own business doesn’t have to cost you everything? What if I told you that it’s possible to start small and work your way up? Maybe you’re looking to use this summer as an opportunity to make some extra cash, or maybe you’re looking to find something worth doing with the rest of your life, or maybe you’re just bored and have nothing better to do… But whatever the reason, these five small business ideas for teens at home can help you get started.

Get started with your passion

There are tons of ways to start a small business, and most of them will require little investment—aside from your time. To get started, think about what you’re passionate about and what problems you’d like to solve by starting a company. Start from there! This won’t give you instant success, but it will put you on the right path.

Work on improving your skills

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? When I was younger, I always wanted to start my own daycare. Although that dream never materialized, it was a goal I had from a young age and served as an inspiration for many other entrepreneurial endeavors over time. Whether you’re working on starting your first business or just want to add some professional skills to your resume, learning how to manage projects will be an invaluable asset.

Find out if there’s a demand for what you offer

It’s difficult to estimate how much money you might make from a startup, but there are a few things you can do. One is checking out what similar businesses are charging—the idea here is that if a similar service is charging a certain amount per hour, you should be able to charge just as much, if not more. Another option is reaching out directly to clients and asking them how much they’d pay for your services.

Create your first product or service

The best way to start any type of business is by having an idea and bringing it into reality. While you might be tempted to find a tried-and-true product or service and jump on board, take some time to brainstorm your own creations—after all, there’s no reason why you can’t start a consulting company just because there are already tons of businesses in existence that offer consulting services.

Market what you have and grow from there

if you want to start a small business but don’t have much money, your options are limited. However, if you look around your house, there are probably things you can use to get started. Start by figuring out what skills and knowledge you already have that could be turned into something people would pay for. Maybe you know how to fix cars or do landscaping or design websites? If so, consider starting a side hustle that uses those skills and starts bringing in some extra cash. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is—just start with what you already have and market it as best as possible!


Many teens want to start their own small business ideas at home. This can be very challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you set yourself up for success from the beginning by choosing the right idea and doing your research before even thinking about making any investments in your business or getting started. The following three tips will help you make sure you get off on the right foot.

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