How Cross Necklace has Evolved from Era to Era?

Cross necklaces are worn by Christian for decades. Cross necklaces depicted Christian’s devotion to the Savior and people had religiously followed the tradition of wearing a cross around their neck over generations. Cross necklaces have changed and evolved in styles, designs, and innovations. 

Nowadays, crosses and crucifixes are worn as a fashion accessory by both followers and non-followers of Christianity, but archeologists confirm that the history of cross necklaces dates back to the 2nd’s cross necklace with lord’s prayer

As the years passed by, mens cross necklace with lord’s prayer started to be defined as the symbol of the Lord. These necklaces started becoming a trend. People started wearing crosses considering them as sacred and a symbol of purity that will defend them against evil spirits. A sacred cross attached to a metal or textured chain was laden around the neck to hang on the body.  

Over the years, cross pendants and crucifix necklaces were seen with an artistic eye. Large pectoral crosses were worn by Catholics, Anglican and Protestants as a sign of reverence and devotion to the Lord. While the Catholic mostly wore crosses, Protestants stuck into wearing crucifix pendants with the figure of Jesus engraved or build on the base. 

These crosses and crucifixes were made of metals like gold, silver, platinum and designed with colorful gemstones. Some necklaces even had prayers written on them.  

Nowadays, the fashion industry has taken up the cross designs and used the sacred symbol to design new and trendy jewelry for both men and women. Worn as a fashion statement, many types and styles of cross jewelry are available in the market. 

Build-in pure metals like gold, silver or platinum, these crosses are ornamented with gemstones to enhance its beauty and glorify its look. Some of the famous styles of cross pendants include: 

●    Celtic Cross

●    Crucifix Cross 

●    Latin Cross

●    Greek Cross 

●    Jerusalem Cross or Crusader’s Cross

●    Orthodox Cross 

All these crosses have a special significance and symbolic approach that depicts its devotion and faith to Jesus Christ. Each of these crosses and crucifixes are designed differently and bears the name, initials or figure of Jesus on them. Ornamented and artistically crafted, these cross necklaces add to one’s belief and personality at the same time.  

Designs and reasons to wear a cross necklace have changed with time but the symbolization of purity and depiction of real faith for the Savior has never diminished in a wearer’s heart. 

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