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Who does not like to have productive hobbies, where the mind gets refreshed and one gets to create something meaningful too? Among such hobbies is woodworking. It requires creativity, patience as well as strength and hence is a great stress buster.

If you look around you will find wooden scrap, either being sold to the companies, given to the government bodies, or simply decaying. You can use this scrap and create something out of it, like toys, furniture, decorative items, etc.

Woodworking is a great activity, however, most of the time, people avoid it due to lack of knowledge, absence of the best respirator for woodworking, and lack of self-confidence too. 

To make sure one gets the best woodworking experience and go for it regularly, there are a few guides and plans available in the market. Popular among such guides is Teds Woodworking. Ted McGrath is the founder of this product.

So here is Teds Woodworking plans review to let you know everything possible about Teds Woodworking.

Let us start with Teds Woodworking plan review:

This is created with the purpose of helping woodworking enthusiasts who are crazy about DIY activities and keep doing one or other things by themselves. However, if you are a professional, you most certainly do not need this guide.

Teds Woodworking comes with amazing woodworking plans which are easy to implement. You will get a guide on everything, right from cutting the wood to giving them shape and assembling them in beautiful designs.

It comes with thousands of plans and a lot of guides (which you can download). There are videos, in case you fail to understand the textual information. You can start with simple plans and proceed to the challenging plans as you become pro.

A/V tutorials of the plans are simple to understand and break down every step to make it even easier for a woodworker.

What to expect from Teds Woodworking Plans?

What makes it the best woodworking experience is the fact that most of the woodworking plans in the product deal with the regular, usable items.

Here are the plus points of Ted’s woodworking plans:

Positive customer support:

Unlike most of the other woodworking products in the market, Teds Woodworking products boast of positive and reliable customer support. Teds Woodworking provides dedicated and notable customer support. They reply to the queries as fast as possible and even help you in understanding the use of the program. If you are a member of the program, you will get even more services.

Simple woodworking plans:

There are a number of woodworking plans in the market, but Teds plans are simple, legit, doable and interesting too. One gets to build the things one can often use.

Thousands of plans:

There are thousands of plans in the program, you can start from the small and simple one and they can go up in the line as you master the skill. There is a guide to help you, and customer service to support you. You can always create beautiful things and brag about them in front of your friends and family members. Won’t it be great?

Video library:

There are many woodworking tutorials online too. But Teds woodworking has its own video gallery which users can leverage. This video library is neatly organized. The program keeps adding new content to this gallery each month to keep the users engaged and interested.

Here are some cons of Teds Woodworking plans:

Does not have a search index:

Though the plans and guides are neatly organized in the program, it lacks a search index. This means one cannot search for a specific plan as per one’s wish. The person has to go step-by-step.

Plans are non-editable:

All the plans in the Teds Woodworking program are in PDF format. Hence, one cannot edit them. Users will have to follow these plans as they are. Any inclusions, rectification, customization is not allowed.

Less than promised:

The program claims to provide about 16,000 plans, in reality, it fails to match the numbers. This one fact may make the buyer feel looted.


Overall, one can say that Teds Woodworking is a great program for amateurs or enthusiasts. Woodworking is a great stress-relieving activity and one can surely enjoy it. With thousands of plans, you will enjoy this program.

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