Different Types of Industrial Valves and Its Demand

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Valves are the most crucial parts of any supply system. This supply system can be a liquid or gas supply system. A typical valve possesses the ability to control the flow of the supply line. 

There are various kinds of valves. We will discuss all types of valves in the below paragraph. Valve casting manufacturers produce these valves and supply them to the industries.

Different Types of Valves

Valves are mainly of two types. One is the organic valve, and another one is the mechanic valve. The organic valves are situated in our hearts. Here, we will discuss the mechanical valves. These mechanical valves are used for industrial purposes. That’s why they are also known as industrial valves. 

There are different types of industrial valves, like gate valves, globe valves, check valves, plug valves, ball valves, Butterfly-like valves, Hydraulic pressure Valves, Needle-like Valves, Pinch Valve, Disc-like Valve, etc.

About Gate Valves 

Gate Valves are simple both structurally and functionally. It can easily control the flow of any liquid or gaseous material. It is composed of some simple parts. That’s why it is cheaper than any other valve. For this reason, there is a huge demand for gate valves.

All kinds of valves lose energy due to friction. The gate valves have low friction. That is why it can reduce the amount of wasted energy. Gate valves are unidirectional. That means it can be used in a machinery circuit from both sides. They contain a unique feature. 

They can provide a laminar flow of liquid or any other gaseous substance. Gate valve is an energy-saving industrial valve. Primarily, it saves energy by reducing the potential energy dissipating forces, like friction. 

When the gate opens then a low-pressure gradient is generated. Consequently, the liquid or the gaseous substance flows slowly from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area. After opening a valve, if a high-level pressure gradient is generated, the liquid will flow at high speed from the high-pressure area to the low-pressure area. Due to the high speed, it can also damage the walls of the supply line or the pipeline. 

That’s why gate valves are used to reduce this pressure gradient. As a consequence of using gate valves, we can also avoid these kinds of damages.

So, we can see that the gate valves have many benefits. For these multiple benefits, it has a high demand in today’s market.    

  • The Glob Valve – It’s a unique kind of valve. It is circular in shape. The circular portion is situated at the base of the valve. On that base, a plug is installed. This plug is movable. When the valve works, the plug moves in an upside-down pattern—this valve made with advanced technologies. This valve is relatively more expensive than the gate valves. This valve is used in large-scale industries, like automobile industries.
  • The Butterfly Valve – It is another demanding valve in today’s market. From the name, we can guess the outer structure of the valves. The outer structure is like a butterfly. It is a unique structure. It is very rarely used in low-scale industries.
  • Hydraulic Pressure Valves – It work on the principle of hydraulic pressure. The weight of water generates hydraulic pressure. Besides the valve, the hydraulic pressure is also used in other applications, like the hydraulic press. A hydraulic press is used in car garages to uplift a car. By uplifting, the mechanics can easily repair a damaged car. Hydraulic valve is very much demanding in the modern market. It has a wide range of applications.

There are other types of valves. They are check valves, ball valves, pinch valves, needle-like valves, disc-like valves. There are many valve casting manufacturers all over the world. The factories buy valves from them.

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Valve is a unique kind of system in a liquid pipeline. It can control the flow of the liquid with its manipulating features. Valve casting manufacturers make this kind of high-level mechanical system. The principle of the mechanical valve is completely inspired by the organic valves which are situated in our heart. That is why everything is connected with another thing. That is the fundamental principle of our universe. That is how our universe works.  

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