Auger Drill and Rail Track Drilling: Effective Methods to Enhance Contractor Portfolios

Railways is the most used mode of transportation. It is economically viable for all sections of society. To maintain the railway tracks, for electrification, for installing of pillars various vehicles are used that are the road-rail vehicles.

The road-rail vehicles are the vehicles that can work on both roads and as well as on rail tracks. These vehicles are fitted with the normal rubber tires and with additional flanged steel wheels for running on railway tracks. The steel wheels can be raised and lowered according to the requirement. These vehicles are used for augering, shunting, overhead electrification and track inspection, etc.

RAIL AUGER DRILL makes use of auger fitted in the casing. The casing helps to remove the soil repeatedly by rotating the auger by the length of the casing. This technique of boring is called dry boring as water is not required in this process.The auger drill machine is operated as follows:

  1. The foremost step is to govern the amount of operation to be done. While working for 54-60 in. requires big auger boring machines than the working for 24-30 in. range. The operator should be well-versed with the process and the machine. The casing should be properly linked.
  2. The pits should be perfectly sized and the operators should be well aware of the type of auger drill being used, so that pit size can be determined. The proper stabilization methods should be adopted for enhanced safety.
  3. The difficult task is to set up the auger drill machine and requires a lot of time in setting up and shoring of the pit. Due to the advancement of technology, the On-Target system is developed to enhance the accuracy and targeting which also increases the grade integration while boring.

In the On-Target system, a plump bob set and two halogen bulbs are used to check whether the casing is moving towards the right or left of the target line and the hydraulic flaps assist the casing to remain on the target line. It helps in predicting at which point it will come out, on grade and online.

Auger drilling is very beneficial in the operations of ground settlement i.e. while boring beneath the roads, railroads, etc. It minimizes the chances of the settling of the surface over the run length, because of the installation of the casing while cutting. It is capable of installing large diameter casing in auger bore and reduces the excess overcut of the bore hole. It avoids the formation of slurry as a by-product of the boring procedure. It is more demanded by the contractors because of its effectiveness and efficiency.

The RAILWAY TRACK DRILLING is done with the help of portable machines to drill holes in the rail tracks. Various types of railway track drilling machines used are Electric drove, petrol engine driven, cordless battery-driven, magnetic drilling machines.

The most commonly used drilling machine is the electrically driven rail drilling machine. It can be connected to the gen-sets while working in remote areas where electricity is not available.

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